July 5


What is your thyroid trying to tell you?

By Grada Robertson

July 5, 2023

Research shows that over 80% of people have thyroid issues.

This organ is shaped like a butterfly and sits central on the highway between your head and your heart.

If there is conflict between your heart and your head, the thyroid often begins to feel heavy.

It gets blocked.

It can’t fly like a butterfly.

There is no light coming in.

It feels bogged down.

You tend to worry and stagnate.

As chronic pain, depression and fatigue set in you might reach for some quick fixes.

Medication might keep you afloat for a while, but the deeper soul issues must be addressed before your butterfly organ can soar the skies again.

That’s what I do during a healing session.

All four levels, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of you get a good spring clean.

Last week, I worked with a client who had Hashimoto’s disease, which is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid.

Initially, her thyroid had been inflamed causing goitre-like problems.

Over time her thyroid swung the other way, which meant it wasn’t producing enough hormones, causing weight gain and excessive fatigue.

In my opinion every autoimmune condition is caused by unresolved traumatic experiences.

These are stored as little black pockets, not only in the body, but also outside the physical, in the energetic field of the person.

As an experienced healer, I can sense where they are stuck in your neurology.

Initially, these pockets don’t cause too much distress, but as we get older, they steal more and more energy, and eventually, they might burst.

Then the body ‘loses the plot’ and starts to attack its own tissue, causing auto-immune disorders.

In the case of my client her family was very religious.

Girls weren’t allowed to have an opinion, let alone speak their mind.

She learnt from a very early age to swallow her own truth.

We discovered how her own subconscious mind attacked her throat chakra because the energy there was in direct conflict with her Higher Self, which granted her free expression.

However, the cells of her body wanted her to remain quiet and invisible because of the ‘coding’ from her early childhood.

Her cells needed healing energy to be freed from that restrictive programming, and that’s what I gave her during the session.

She immediately felt a freeing sensation travel through her body.

I knew that her thyroid would continue to heal now that her subconscious mind and her Higher Self were in alignment.

In Summary:

While the medical world gives the body all the attention, it is the mind that continues the problem.

Most physical illnesses are just telling you that there is tension between your soul and your body.

The bad news is that everyone has issues in their tissues from their ancestry, as well as their childhood.

The good news is that, today, we have powerful tools and practices that can go deep into the neurology and transform what’s holding you back.

Tune in to the video below where I give you some hints how to boost your thyroid energy.

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Like any other engineered masterpiece, it works best when it receives a regular tune up!

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Grada Robertson

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