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Do you want to make more money by doing less, so you have energy to spare to create memories with your family and friends?

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Discover Your Feminine Fortune is an 8 Week LIVE Group Coaching Experience for Women 

Do you want to scale your income so you can up-level your life?
Do you want to access your internal wealth blueprint, so you can make money and have more impact?
Would you like to escape the internal pressure that keeps you feeling flat, frustrated and burnt out?
If so, then you are going to LOVE this.
It is time to re-write your money story so you can start living your BEST life!

About Grada Robertson (click to learn more)

My name is Grada Robertson and this is my personal invite for you to join this program.

I work with conscious female entrepreneurs who feel the call to level up, but are stuck in a holding pattern of money or relationship pain because they are missing vital pieces of information.

They go about it backward and it causes stress and friction.

In this program I am going to teach you how to discover your feminine fortune so you can be abundant in all areas of your life while feeling radiant and magnetic.

I will share with you practical, time proven tools and energy hacks that hundreds of women have followed to create quantum level transformations inside their lives and businesses.

My Discover Your Feminine Fortune program teaches women to become the Queen of their money game, so they can TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE THRONE!

The new money game starts here!

I have worked with 10,000’s of women who were in pain.
Money pain, relationship pain, body pain, mental pain, emotional and spiritual pain, I have seen it all.
You probably know what I am talking about….

But I am here to tell you that MONEY AND SUCCESS come from a different place than pain and ONCE I SHOWED MY CLIENTS MY TRADE SECRETS, MONEY SUDDENLY CAME OUT OF NOWHERE.

This powerful online program the ‘Discover Your Feminine Fortune’ is designed to get you out of (money) pain and into a place of money, health and wealth.

What I have seen from working with all these conscious, ambitious female entrepreneurs is that no matter how hard they pushed, it did not bring them into the promised land!

Even the law of attraction did not work!

Why I created this program (click to learn more)

I created this ‘new money’ program to purposely shift you out of old masculine behaviours of making money, and into a new, feminine way of feeling (and looking) amazing!

During these 8 weeks together I laser coach you so you can release your primary money blocks very quickly. I give you a range of customized tools and practices that will lead you into a spiritually fulfilled life, where your money keeps looking after you, instead of you being controlled by your money.

I would love for you to be in my brand new private, exclusively female wealth mastery program!


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the feminine aspects of success and wealth, that most women will never get to experience!

Look… there is a reason why you are on this page…

Everything you have done in your life has led you to this point right now…

This is your calling card to finally break out of ground hog day, REBOOT your money situation, and RECEIVE the future you deserve.

I will be spending 8 life changing weeks working with a VIP group of heart centred, dedicated women who are ready to step up and take their lives to the next level.

I will be there to support you in a way you’ve never felt supported before.

Best of all, you can participate with me live, each week, from the comfort of your home!

This 8 week DISCOVER YOUR FEMININE FORTUNE  experience includes

  • Weekly 90 minute live zoom coaching (includes time for Q and A)
  • Downloadable recordings of each session
  • Worksheets to help you implement the customised tools and strategies
  • 24/7 program portal
  • Membership in a vibrant, private facebook group to harness our energies together
  • Access to my entire vault of You Are the Miracle FM! With hours and hours of video recordings to light you up

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The Universe is your wealth building partner.

I developed this training as the result of over 20 years of personal study, working with clients and seeing business as spiritual practice.

I have used the practices and insights here to help me get over my own fears, struggles and limitations. I have been involved with over 12,000 clients and helped others close the gap between fantasy land (trying the same thing over and over expecting different results) and success.

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I am widely recognised for my psychic problem solving abilities, which means I can easily connect the dots, see where the flow of energy is blocked and how to open the floodgates of abundance again.

Here is the thing: everything is energy! The space between you and the stars, or between you and your bank account, is teeming with energy and information. This force of energy gives you the power to create success in any area of your life, including your finances!

Many women are bleeding out somewhere. They are leaking energy in their relationships or at work...

They are stuck in a holding pattern of Income and Money, unaware that they are LOSING ENERGY left right and centre.

If you relate to this, I urge you to READ ON...

If success and money have eluded you (click here)

And if success and money have eluded you so far, it means that you need an energetic shift as much as a new way of thinking!

The thing is, you need to understand that it is YOU that draws or repels money to you.

Money isn’t something ‘out there’ to be acquired, something that you must ‘get’.

It is your beliefs, attitudes, habits, thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions stemming from your Inner Self, your Inner Core, that shape your experience with money.

When it comes to money, understand that first and foremost YOU ARE ITS SOURCE.

Not your job, your investments, your partner, your government, your parents or your skillset or mindset.

If mindset and skillset were the only things required to create sustainable “success” then wouldn’t every entrepreneur who has hired coaches or read the latest self help book and joined masterminds be living the life of their dreams now?


Once you start applying the content of this program, opportunities and ‘lucky coincidences’ begin to fall into your lap at the perfect time.

And that is only the beginning..

People will start to remark how you are GLOWING with positive energy.

I have seen this time and time again.

I have helped many women build a successful business that satisfied their souls and nourished their bodies.

Here is what our time together will look like:

First Month

Week 1 - Zoom Session - Repair and restore your base chakra for FINANCIAL FREEDOM
Week 2 - Zoom Session - Reset your sacral chakra to increase your capacity to RECEIVE (energy, love, money) and to STAY FILLED
Week 3 - Zoom session - Reboot your solar plexus chakra so you GET THINGS DONE with ease and confidence
Week 4 - Zoom session - Strengthen and nourish your heart chakra to amplify your good fortune

Second Month

Week 5 - Zoom session - Reset your throat chakra, and lead with the feminine for a bigger impact
Week 6 - Zoom session - Activate your brow chakra so you can lead with money and integrity
Week 7 - Zoom session- Realign your crown chakra for crystal clear connection with your higher self and the Universe
Week 8 - Zoom session - Re-ignite and align all 7 wealth portals and ‘cash in on your chakras’ so you become unstoppable.

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Why not Book Your Complimentary 15 minute Money Clarity coaching call with Grada

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Awaken your money flow

  •  Are you an ambitious female entrepreneur who feels the call to level up, but have a glitch in your money flow?
  • Are you sick of seeing others, less talented or less in integrity making more money and impact than you are?
  • Are you feeling uneasy, knowing that you are under-earning and being undervalued and not speaking up?
  • Are you fed up with overwhelm and stress, because you are pulled in too many directions?
  • Do you procrastinate during the day and then stress at night, worrying about deadlines and time constraints?
  • Are you fed up with empty promises, and you want real tools and techniques to get exceptional results?
  • Are you sick and tired of selling yourself out to peer pressure or outside demands?
  • And finally, do you want to get out of pain? (financial, physical or emotional pain)
  • 15 Years ago I would have said YES to all of the above

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    I know all too well the feeling of being sick to my stomach, promoting myself or my business. Being scared of judgement, never having enough money flowing into my bank account… and having to face the truth that I wasn’t living close to my full potential.

    Here is the short version: One beautiful summer’s afternoon in 2006 my life changed forever.

    A potato truck unexpectedly hit me in the back and left me with catastrophic injuries.

    I had a near Death experience on impact. One minute I was walking along the road and the next minute I am floating above the scene, seeing my fatally injured body on the road below me and the truck roaring up the hill.

    Being above my body meant that I had also left my old nervous system behind.

    The nervous system that was always fearful and contracted with limiting ideas about myself and my capabilities.

    For a few moments I was completely at one with the Universe. I felt totally supported, understood, wrapped in loving energy and protected.

    I understood that the Universe is made of the Energy of Abundance.

    There were no thoughts of worry, scarcity or unworthiness.

    I believe I received a complete RESET in that moment.

    I understood that if success was to be, it was up to me.

    ….and that I could do anything I put my mind to as long as I was ‘plugged into’ the Universe

    ….and that my message and mission mattered! (and so does yours!)

    Before my date with Death and the Divine I had been deeply confused about my worth, had been massively repressed due to growing up in a Secret Sect, and experienced many moments of deep anxiety and suicidal tendencies, despite being happily married.

    After this experience, which completely shattered my body, I began to reconstruct my reality in earnest.

    I had no real reference point, because nobody had survived such catastrophic injuries before.

    My medical team said I would probably never walk again, and certainly never go back to work, being left with permanent paralysis.

    I proved that nothing is permanent, because 6 months after the accident I was not only walking, I started to see clients again.

    People believed that I have superpowers, and that is true.

    This is true for you as well.

    The only reason I survived where others would have died and made a full recovery instead of being wheelchair bound, is that I had already experienced miracles as a healer.

    I simply needed to deepen my healing practices, open my intuitive skills, and train my monkey mind/strategic mind to take the back seat, for miracles to unfold.

    I started making more money than I could have ever dreamt of!

    Today, I teach these customized tools and practices so you too can have access to these superpowers!

    If you are living in stress and scarcity, that means you are not in alignment with the universe and the universe will not stop knocking on your door till you get it right.

    Before my accident (click to learn more)

    Before my accident, I was a chronic people pleaser.

    ..I had a masters degree in procrastination when it came to my own innermost desires.

    ..I felt sick every time I had to speak up (I was OK with speaking up for others, just not for ME).

    To top it off, I had freaked out about money my entire life.

    We always had enough to pay the bills but we always had to rob Peter to pay Paul.

    I am sure you know the feeling because many women forget the financial abundance piece.

    They believe that asking for more is greedy or ungrateful.

    I have always been an entrepreneur, and had many passion projects.

    Some of them were more successful than others, but with each dream I pursued, I was told that it couldn’t be done…

    and so I believed financial hardship was simply part and parcel of following my dream.

    That was one of the many disempowering beliefs I had to let go of.

    Are you wondering why I am sharing all of this with you?

    I want to make it clear that if I can go from struggle street, drama, stress and disappointment, overwhelm, confusion, and unworthiness, and having to recover from catastrophic injuries, to creating a life of financial abundance SO CAN YOU!


    I have bled in the trenches, so you don’t have to.

    I can help you plug into the Universe, your Divine partner, so you can have MIRACLES ON TAP like I do!






    I want this for you too.

    You may have an important message to share.

    You may be sitting on a virtual gold mine of wisdom and experience skills but without the ability to turn your mission into money, very few will benefit from your gifts.

    Are you ready to SHIFT GEARS and dramatically change your money flow?

    How women differ

    Most women and female entrepreneurs in our community do not think about making loads of money first.

    They think about making a positive difference in the world.

    They think about how to express their sacred mission.

    Becoming wealthy is way down on the list of priorities.

    They are givers, nurturers, teachers and empaths. often while running a business or being on a career path.

    The problem is that if you don’t forge a strong partnership between the spiritual AND the material (your souls’ mission AND making a great income) then your impact will always be stunted.


    You need financial flow to reach more people.

    If you know its time for your revenue and courage to rise to the same level as your heart’s longing to make a difference…

    Many people want everything to be perfectly lined up before they step up or step out. They have the brakes on and are scared to play a different or bigger game.

    They want to be certain of success before they even start.

    But life does not work that way!

    True awakening in your personal and financial life is about following your heart, hearing the voice of your Higher Self and going for it!

    All the incredibly wealthy live by the law of following their hearts first, and money second.

    You are not here by accident or coincidence.

    You are chosen to be here at this time in history, to share your gifts courageously, showing up for the world and to connect with your inner potential.

    Are you ready to get honest with yourself?

    Are you ready to uncover your blind spots and release the brakes so money starts flowing into your bank account?

    Are you ready for financial breakthroughs and momentum in your finances?

    In this program you will learn:

  • How to stop sabotaging income and money flow, by programming your entire Mind/Body system for high level abundance

  • Find out the real reasons why you are in pain (money, love, or health wise), so you can break out of the rut and become a magnet for money, true love and vibrant health. So you can have it all. (This is your divine birthright!)

  • How to release money blocks very quickly, so you can have the wonderful income you want.

  • How to go from a place of being powerless and stuck around money to a place of inner power with finances that you have not experienced before, that will allow you to do everything that you are not doing right now.
  • Grada is an incredible human being. 

    And is 100% committed to redefining the way we look at health and wealth and the way we treat and heal our bodies. She is certainly a voice for change.


    She’s always willing to align with the truth (whatever it may be), take radical responsibility for her life and business, and go to work making her vision a reality.


    And what’s even more extraordinary, is her heart. I truly believe the reason she grows and makes an impact at the rate she does is because she genuinely cares about making a positive difference in people's lives even if it goes against traditional ways of doing things.

    Anthony John Amyx


    More than any time in history, women like you and me need to be powerful role models. 

    Why can’t you have everything you desire?

    I have the answer and it’s a little secret called your abundance thermostat.

    This thermostat determines how much abundance you experience in your life.

    When your abundance levels fall below where your ‘thermostat’ is set… you will subconsciously shift to start attracting more wealth until it matches your thermostat setting, just like the heating kicks in when the temperature drops in your house.

    When your abundance level gets too high, you will unconsciously do things to go backwards, till your wealth drops back down to where your thermostat is set.

    If you want to know where your thermostat is set at, just look at your bank balance right now.

    My guess is that it is lower than you would like it to be, which means it is essential that you raise the setting on your thermostat to allow more abundance.

    If you don’t take action today to adjust the setting, I can promise you this:

    One year from now, you’ll realize that nothing has changed…. You are still working hard long hours and you still don’t have the freedom you are longing for…

    Your income is still much lower than you want… so you don’t have the money to do the things you deeply long for….

    You are still stressed out about your children’s education or how you are going to pay for your retirement…

    Family events and fun opportunities have slipped by because you don’t have the money and freedom to have the ability to say yes to what you would love…

    But if you crave a different, better and more abundant life…

    Take action to create it

    I am here to help you turn up your Abundance Thermostat and create a life you love, just like I have helped so many others.

    This is your opportunity.. .are you ready to seize it?

    Don’t tell me that money can’t solve issues because when you get money out of the way you are allowed to be your best self.

    Think of it this way: if somebody squeezed your throat right now, the only thing you would think about is oxygen.

    But prior to that, I am guessing that taking a breath of air wasn’t really foremost in your mind, you would have just gone about your day assuming it is there.

    Most people have money stresses and fears because they feel the squeeze because there is not as much money coming in as there is going out and they can’t live the life they desire.

    You deserve to have all of the abundance and freedom you want in your life.

    It’s in your spiritual DNA to want this kind of freedom.

    Now is the time to take the next step…

    Enrol in the Discover Your Feminine Fortune Program and you will discover the exact map that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

    Let’s do this together!

    If you need help to turn that power switch on, it’s not too late to jump on and join in and learn key practices to OPEN THE MONEY FLOW.

    Remember that there will always be tension between living your Souls purpose, (which is to be wealthy and joyful) and safety (living in the grey zone, on autopilot).

    Safety will keep you within your comfort zone thinking you are already good enough, you may as well give up, you don’t deserve more, stop pushing so hard (you know what I mean).

    Safety runs most of our lives.

    But don’t be like 9 out of 10 people who on their deathbed look back on their lives and feel that they have missed out.

    They missed out on living a “larger” life and fulfilling bigger dreams!

    A life of miracles and money.

    This program is not for people who are looking for a quick fix, or people who are afraid of going deep, or for you if you are happy with your status quo and want to stay within your comfort zone.

    This work is for women who are ready to commit and move to the next level of their life/business.

    This training will help you shine your light, so you can be paid more for your work and attract the right people and opportunities into your life.

    Are you ready to Activate your Money Flow, Be an Inspiration and Leave a Legacy? Then I invite you to join this program.


    But if you want me to break it down for you:

    Discover Your Feminine Fortune is valued at $5000
    Membership in a Vibrant, Private Facebook Group where I wrap my arms around you $500
    Access to my You Are The Miracle FM vault, containing 30+ hours of video trainings of practical tools, spiritual insights and energy hacks to help you stay in a state of high vibrational frequency – invaluable

    TOTAL VALUE: $5500

    BUT WAIT! 

    I have a special offer for you!
    Join my program today and you can have all this for only



    Just $997

    Or monthly payments of $275

    • 8 Live Group Coachings with Grada
    • Downloadable recordings and Action Guides
    • Membership in a Group of Heart Centred like-minded women on Facebook
    • 24/7 access to the Content Dashboard

    $997 or two monthly payments of $525

    Grada Robertson

    Creator of Discover Your Feminine Fortune Program

    Your host Grada Robertson is the Author of ‘You Are the Miracle! How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life’.

    She is the creator of transformational trainings like Surge to Success, teaching in the areas of spiritual development, feminine leadership and Success Mindset.

    She is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

    Grada has transformed the lives of 10,000’s women by applying her psychic skills as an investigative healer and laser coach in her private practice.


    My team and I are looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Grada has helped thousands of people from all walks of life experience phenomenal breakthroughs in their overall quality of life, health, and wealth, including finances and careers.

    Yes, we are absolutely confident that this program will work for you, no matter what’s holding you back in the present moment, or what you have tried in the past.

    Grada’s process is to take you deep into your own energetic field, dissolve what is holding you back and to break through your blind spots (which are often so deep that you have no idea they are there). You just need to make sure that you are present and ‘stay with the program’, and the results will come for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the Discover Your Feminine Fortune for?

    How exactly does this program work?

    How fast will I start seeing results?

    Does everyone have the same abundance blocks and limiting ideas around money?
    Perhaps I am different, and it won’t work for me?

    How much time do I need to dedicate to this program?

    How do I interact with the Feminine Principles to Making Money community?

    Do you guarantee that this will work for me?

    How tech savvy do I have to be to take this course?

    What happens when I register?

    The Discover Your Feminine Fortune program targets all different areas of your life, so that when combined you can transform your whole self, not just your finances. . 

    The entire series is designed to work together, but able to stand alone. 

    You will experience breakthroughs and transformation from each session, so you get exactly what you need to start to thrive in all areas of your life. And when you thrive, so does your business! 

    Think of where you want to be in one year from now.... or 5 years... or in 10 years. 

    How many years have you been struggling or just surviving? 

    What's two months to change your entire life - your entire self? 

    It's like a blink in the cosmic eye. 

    The point isn't really when you start, but that you START now

    Be ready to receive what you want. 

    I get it... you have a million options for abundance clearing and wealth building/personal development courses. And a lot of these options sound really good. 

    This program is different. 

    It is based on engaging with the feminine energy, so after each session, you feel fulfilled, energised and open to receive more money. 

    On the flip side, if you want to keep doing what you have been taught, trying to build wealth the masculine, pushing and striving way, going back to the same old rut, then this program is not for you. 

    Book Your Money Clarity Call

    Not sure yet if this program is for you?

    Why not Book Your Complimentary 15 minute Money Clarity coaching call with Grada

    This 8 week DISCOVER YOUR FEMININE FORTUNE experience includes

    • Weekly 90 minute live zoom coaching (includes time for Q and A)
    • Downloadable recordings of each session
    • Worksheets to help you implement the customised tools and strategies
    • 24/7 program portal
    • Membership in a vibrant, private facebook group to harness our energies together
    • Access to my entire vault of You Are the Miracle FM! With hours and hours of video recordings to light you up

    Yes, I want to start getting fulfilment, energy and wealth now!

    All this for the investment of $997 or two monthly payments of $525

    Payment Information

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