Health and Wealth Breakthrough Package
One on One Coaching With Grada

One on One Coaching - Health and Wealth Breakthrough Package

Private coaching with me can provide you with the detailed strategies and personalized attention that are specific to you, your money, and your business.

I have highly developed clear-sentient skills. That means that as soon as you connect with me, I can spot your issues and where they are held in your body or energetic field. When we work together, and you feel really stuck, I can be your ‘laser’ coach which means that I can shine a light into your darkness/confusion/blind spot (we all have them!). This saves you a lot of time and money and you can then move onto more exciting things!

I have mastered the ability to transform even the most sceptical minds amongst us. You don’t need to ‘believe’ in anything or have an accurate understanding of how I work, for massive shifts to happen in your business and personal life.

What is Health and Wealth Breakthrough Package?

HEALTH AND WEALTH BREAKTHROUGH PACKAGE is for purpose driven clients who:

  • Feel that there is something greater just outside their reach but the brakes are on
  • Love to make a difference in their community, and need more money to create the impact they desire
  • Take accountability for their own successes and failures
  • Are willing to ask for help, dig deep and commit to action to get great results.
  • Are fed up with living an average life. I help women to develop confidence with money, so they are able to create sustainable results and success.
  • Are sick of living other people’s dreams or pandering to other’s expectations. I help women realize their personal money dreams.
  • Want to stop people from draining your energy. I show women how to increase their magnetic presence through specific energy hacks, so they become stress and drama proof which helps them to achieve their money goals.
  • Want to get off the emotional rollercoaster. I help women master their relationships, so they walk a path of harmony and inner balance.
  • Are constantly doubting yourself. I dissolve women’s pain bodies, their inner critic, so they are confident, radiant and attract money and opportunities.
  • May be outwardly successful but feel as if something is missing. I will help you to feel fulfilled as well as successful.
  • Are running on empty. I give women advanced energy clearing, so they shift instantly into a state of high vibration abundance.

If this sounds like you, come and work with me..

During our time together you can expect:

Hands-on expert insight, trusted support, clarity on what needs to be done, and accountability to get you from where you are financially to a place of choices and opportunities, freedom and flow.

Personalized guidance & strategies to solve your money challenges, bring your financial blind spots to light, and
transform your money mindset from scarcity to expansive abundance.

A workable plan to accelerate income opportunities, increase profitability, and get the results you have been longing for.

An energetic money upgrade so your Abundance thermostat goes from cold to hot.

And energetic scan of your home, business, workplace to see if there is energy that stagnates your progress and an immediate cleanse if necessary

A deep dive in your money DNA, to activate your wealth blueprint.

And so much more.
Each session is different and unique, because I am guided by your subconscious mind. (your conscious mind is the goal setter and your subconscious mind is the goal getter!)

Are you itching to have more money, freedom, influence and abundance? 

Are you ready to shake up your status quo, to take a deep dive into your Core Programs and release the brakes, so you can start to thrive in every way?

Are you ready to receive an energetic money upgrade? Let's do this!

The Health and Wealth Breakthrough Package is available to a limited number of people for the investment of $4997.

You can pay in full, or split payments over a three allotment payment plan.

Health and Wealth Breakthrough Package - 10 In-depth Sessions with Grada

We recommend you schedule your breakthrough sessions a maximum of 2 weeks apart.

Full Payment - $4997 

Payment Plan - $1375 x 4 monthly payments

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