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Would you have the strength of spirit to survive being hit by a truck?

During her near-death experience, Grada had to make the decision to return to her body. She did, just in the nick of time, only to find that she was injured so badly it would take every ounce of her substantial willpower to recover. In the months that followed, Grada’s body and mind were riddled with so much suffering that death sometimes seemed a welcome option.

How Being Hit by a Truck Saved My Life

Did the accident that almost took Grada Robertson’s life, actually SAVE her life?

Grada Robertson found her soulmate, Peter, at 17 and moved from Holland to Tasmania, Australia. They built a dream life, complete with six children and a farm. Grada was a lifelong learner and eventually opened a wellness clinic, earning the nickname "Sherlock Holmes of Healing."

Just when life seemed perfect, Grada was hit by a truck, experiencing a Near Death Experience (NDE). Faced with a choice by a Higher Power, she chose to return to her family. Her injuries were severe, but this accident unlocked her latent healing abilities. Astonishingly, she recovered in six months without formal rehabilitation or medication, defying medical expectations.Grada realized that her rapid recovery was due to her connection with her "Innate Healer," an inner wisdom that guided her healing process. This experience also led her to confront unresolved childhood traumas she had carried from Holland. She understood that these unaddressed issues had manifested in her life repeatedly and resolved to heal them once and for all.

Now, Grada teaches others how to tap into their own healing powers. She believes that everyone has their own traumas but also possesses the innate ability to overcome them. Her energy medicine techniques have helped thousands transform their pain into personal power.

Grada's message is poignant: Life may throw curveballs, but survival and thriving are in our DNA. The Universe has a bigger plan for us, often beyond our imagination. Grada now lives in what she calls the "Miracle Zone," and her mission is to activate miracles in the lives of her community, proving that even in adversity, abundance awaits.



"The Underbelly" by Grada Robertson explores the transformative power of confronting one's past. Raised in a secretive, unnamed church preaching a singular path to truth, Grada's life took a drastic turn after a near-fatal truck accident. This traumatic event, followed by a grueling recovery from paralysis, PTSD, and Panic Disorder, opened her eyes to the darker aspects of her existence.

The book serves as a guide on how to find courage amid fear and live authentically. It addresses breaking free from ancestral patterns to stop the cycle of history repeating itself. Set against Grada's remarkable life journey—from founding the Purple House Wellness Centre and impacting thousands, to personal feats like raising six children and writing another book—this work dives deep into her resilience and wisdom.

Grada's spiritual and physical struggles led her to a profound realization: the cult she was born into had severed her divine connection and filled her with self-doubt and loathing. By reclaiming these lost parts of herself, she found true healing and inner peace. "The Underbelly" illuminates a path to wholeness by facing the truths of our past, offering readers a roadmap to freedom and prosperity.

It will leave you with a sense of wonder at the resilience and grace of the human spirit. 


How to reclaim your innate wisdom in partnership with the Universe

Grada Robertson's trilogy of memoirs is a treasure trove of life lessons. The first two books cover her recovery from a near-fatal accident and her struggles with mental illness and religious trauma. Her latest, "Alchemy of Love," is a celebration of life's magic, where love is the ultimate creative force.

A healer, coach, and entrepreneur, Grada shares personal stories, recipes, and wellness tips. She believes in the power of food, family, and Earth Medicine for a fulfilling life. Yet, the book also delves into darker themes, particularly the story of her grandson Elijah, born with a mysterious genetic condition that eluded diagnosis for years. Despite Grada's intuition and efforts, Elijah suffered from severe pain and life-threatening allergies.

In 2022, Elijah was finally diagnosed with NOMID, an incredibly rare genetic disorder. With only a hundred known cases worldwide, the condition is usually fatal by young adulthood. However, a medication called Anakinra has offered Elijah a chance at a more normal life.

Elijah's struggles profoundly impacted Grada. His simple wish—to live an ordinary life—became her epiphany. She realized the beauty in embracing the ordinary, letting go of her quest to be extraordinary. Elijah's journey to attain 'average' brought Grada unparalleled peace, enriching the core message of her book: The alchemy of love transforms even the most ordinary moments into something extraordinary.

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