Money Mastery with Grada Robertson

Thank you for choosing to participate in my Money Mastery Training.

Does knowing how to heal or fix your finances sound like the best thing ever to you?

Because that is what this training is all about.

I created this powerful money training because a whopping 30% of people are in a constant state of fight and flight about money....

And 8 out of 10 people have money stresses.

You might be different to most people, and not feel stressed about money at all.

Either way, this is not the kind of program that fixes just one area of your life.

What you will find is that when you start to apply these tools and practices you will notice all areas of your life start elevating.

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Feminine Principles to Making Money

In this program you will learn:

  • How to stop sabotaging income and money flow, by programming your entire Mind/Body system for high level abundance
  • Find out the real reasons why you are in pain (money, love, or health wise), so you can break out of the rut and become a magnet for money, true love and vibrant health. So you can have it all. (This is your divine birthright!)
  • How to release money blocks very quickly, so you can have the wonderful income you want.
  • How to go from a place of being powerless and stuck around money to a place of inner power with finances that you have not experienced before, that will allow you to do everything that you are not doing right now

57 Lessons


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