May 24


Your Body Speaks For Your Soul.

By Grada Robertson

May 24, 2023

Did you know that your body speaks on behalf of your soul?

The soul expresses itself through your intuition.

Your intuition is like a telephone line between the head and the heart.

Our intuition will often point us toward the road less travelled, and that brings up a lot of fear.

When we get scared we either tune out to the voice or our soul, or we put the message in the too hard basket.

If we continue to ignore our intuition, we end up attracting hardship into our lives and bodies.

After all, your soul came in with a mission.

If it looks as if you are going to miss important lessons, your soul has no choice but to give you pain.

Nothing stops us in our tracks like pain does.

By pain, I mean bodily pain, relationship pain, money pain, loss of purpose pain and so on.

For the next 6 weeks I am doing a mini-series on physical pain and the potential deeper meaning of it.

I will also have some suggestions for you, so stick with me until the end.

Many of our body systems speak a common language and we weren’t taught about this at school.

So, I am going to share these with you here.

Are you ready?

I am starting with the skeletal system.

Our bones contain feelings of safety, trust, security, belonging and the repressed issues of abuse, trauma, insecurity, and survival.

Some of these energies (we are 99.99999% energy, so all issues are energetic in nature) have been passed down to us by previous generations or lives.

What could BONE PAIN be telling you?

We have a saying: this is bone deep.

This gives us a clue that any illness or injuries affecting our bones didn’t happen overnight!

A broken bone indicates deep inner conflict, and when the pressure gets too strong, a bone might break into different pieces.

What are you conflicted about?

Ask your subconscious mind.

A broken ankle might be to do with unease about your direction in life.

Or, that the ground you are standing on is not supporting you as much as you need it to.

  • Where are you lacking support in your life?
  • How can you feel more supported?
  • What do you need to do to receive support?

The knees are often to do with a broken heart, or too much sadness and when the ‘chest’ can no longer contain it, it leaks into the knees.

You deserve your own love and attention.

How can you give yourself a few drops of self-love today?

A fractured arm can indicate deep conflict about your actions.

What actions or doings are not in alignment with your highest self?

How can you stop doing that?

Ask your subconscious mind.

Arms are also to do with your ability to receive, so you may have stopped receiving help, blessings and support a long time ago, and your soul is letting you know to open your arms, take a risk, and allow abundance to flow into the direction of your heart.

Broken arms, wrist, hands, shoulders, neck or jaw are often to do with very deeply suppressed anger and frustration.

Sometimes, we are so out of touch with our anger, that the universe has no other option than to break our bones.

Some of us are champions in putting our anger to sleep.

I must have been like that.

When the truck hit me, I was left with 5 broken ribs, 10 broken vertebrae, my whole pelvic structure had exploded, and I had many other fractures.

Mercifully there is a limit to how much pain you can feel.

After a certain number of fractures, the worst break blocks out all the rest.

In my case, I never felt the broken ribs, vertebrae, neck or leg for instance because I had too much agony from my hips and pelvis.

If our bones contain our deepest repressed fears, anger, and the pain of abuse this makes my old injuries very interesting!

Have you ever experienced a bone fracture?

Do you relate to what I am saying here?

We have almost infinite capacity to put up with abuse, conflict, struggle and overwhelm.

It’s programmed into us to endure hardships.

Some of us are also wired to feel good about punishment.

Others have their own kind of ‘self-mutilation’ programs running in the background.

That means that you are unconsciously more comfortable with pain or illness rather than wellness and happiness.

You either inherited these programs from your ancestors or they stem from childhood traumas.

It doesn’t matter where they come from, today you have a choice to say: NO MORE.

I want to free myself from ‘old pain and struggle’ programs completely, I commit to a healing plan!

Our bones not only give us structure, but also offer us the ability to move.

Did you know that our points of view, feelings and emotions are expressed through the way we move?

Do you step joyfully, drag your feet, look down, or walk confidently?

Movement can offer you a way to release stuck emotions.

By moving in a different way to normal, you can create massive shifts in energy.

When you think about it, you can live without your gallbladder, spleen, appendix etc, but you can’t live very well with reduced bone structure.

Are you starting to appreciate your wonderful bone structure yet?

But, we are not finished yet, because I haven’t mentioned your immune system yet.

Your immunity is formed inside the deepest, darkest places in your body: in the bone marrow.

This is where your white blood cells are produced and stored.

In summary:

Issues with your bones indicate deep hidden conflict with the very core of your being.

How can you get back in touch with the deepest part of your psyche?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Create a safe place for stillness and introspection.
  2. Commit to daily journaling to reconnect with your intuition.
  3. Have a meditation practice.
  4. Being still in nature (drop the action and just lie on the grass e.g.)
  5. Making sure that your home and work environment is supportive of you.
  6. Commit to regular healing sessions with Pete or me. Let us be the detective and find the blocked energies before they injure your systems.
  7. Read inspirational and inspiring stories.
  8. Be open to receiving help and guidance.
  9. Give yourself permission to be YOURSELF.

On a final note, osteoporosis implies a thinning of the bones, which implies a “thinning” of energy flowing through your bones.

Other than diet and lifestyle factors, the ‘thinning’ of lifeforce is often caused by a sense of giving up on yourself, or feeling helpless, redundant, or a loss of purpose and a loss of woman/manhood.

Start to look for things that are going to ‘revive’ your spirit.

How can you bring more colour, joy, vibrancy, aliveness, and connection into your life?

If you sit with this question, chat to your soul/inner being, and wait long enough, the right answers will come to you.

I hope this article makes your bones sing!

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