February 3


Unblocking your Crown Chakra!

By Grada Robertson

February 3, 2021

This is the final lesson (part 7) of my mini series – How the chakras affect your finances.

To finish off, here are seven signs that may indicate that your crown chakra needs help.

Your crown chakra is different from your lower 6 chakras because it is above your body and acts like a sort of umbilical cord to the Divine.

The crown chakra is all about being in a unified state of oneness with everything; whereas, the six other bodily chakras pulsate between masculine and feminine energy, between doing and being.

When your crown is open and clear, you have a strong connection the Divine; and find it easy to experience the bliss of feeling connected to everyone and everything.

When it is weak or blocked, you may experience the following:

  1. Depression – the crown is your highest chakra, so if you are depressed; it is likely that you’ve closed off your upper chakra energies (hence the heaviness).
  2. Apathy – this is a cousin of depression, which indicates too much lower, gravity-bound energy.
  3. Skepticism or sarcasm.
  4. Your dreams and visions get stuck halfway through manifestation. The money support dries up, or you are attracting a series of ‘bad luck’. (Which means you are out of sync with the universe)
  5. Feeling that life is chaotic and random (instead of believing there is a Divine order to all things)
  6. Not praying/communicating with the Divine (or some form of Higher Power) and not connecting with your Divine business partner.
  7. Not believing that the Universe is the Bank of Benevolence and infinite Abundance; that is flowing towards you all the time. You are stuck in scarcity.

I invite you to listen and participate in the short meditation below, to really get a taste of what it feels like to be in alignment with the Universe, so you feel centred and secure.

This will trigger the flow of good things into your life.

Remember that you are 99.99% energy; and our energetic body needs cleansing and mending just as much as our physical being; as I explain in the video below.

Please share this with your loved ones, or anyone who is stuck and needs help.

Much love as always, Grada

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Grada Robertson

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