July 26


This it what it takes to have self-love …

By Grada Robertson

July 26, 2023

Self-love is the foundation for a fulfilling life so, let’s dive in!

Before we can embrace self-love, it’s crucial to acknowledge and understand the vibration of self-hate.

Self-hate doesn’t have to mean that you want to harm yourself constantly.

Instead, it might show up as:

  • Always feeling on ‘knives edge’,
  • Overreacting,
  • Fearful of losing control,
  • Having pain for no obvious reason,
  • Getting triggered easily,
  • Living in fear,
  • Difficulty expanding your horizon,
  • Trouble accepting love and connection.

The journey of self-love begins with the recognition that something isn’t working.

That you should be much further on your journey.

You are not reaping the rewards of all your hard work.

It’s as if you are being held back by an invisible hand.

The truth is that you are.

Your lack of self-love is hindering you.

The return to self-love is a journey that requires baby steps at first.

If you were to take giant strides, your nervous system would tear apart.

So, here are 8 important guidepost to help you on your journey:

Number One

Seek support from a healer or coach who has been there and done the hard yards before you.

You get to piggy back to kick start your journey, and this will save you years of struggle and hardship.

Find somebody who you can place your trust in!

Also read books and watch videos to inspire you to stay on track.

In today’s world, 99% of the population is self-love-averse, so it’s important to you give yourself the right support and inspiration as you begin the road less travelled.

Number Two

Cultivate awareness to transform negative self talk.

We give ourselves 60000 negative messages per day.

Challenge your negative thoughts and rewire your nervous system for self love by showering everything with love.

Say these words: I love myself for……

  • I love myself for doubting myself.
  • I love myself for feeling tired.
  • I love myself for making that mistake.
  • I love myself for hating myself.
  • I love myself for not loving myself.
  • I love myself for overeating.
  • And so on.

By using this mantra over and over, you start to build equity in your bank of self love, which is also your Bank of Cope.

Even after practicing this for a week, you already notice a big difference.

Things don’t bother you like before.

Imagine doing this for the rest of your life!

You will be like Buddha on steroids!

Number Three

Surround yourself with people who inspire and uplift you.

Distance yourself from others who perpetuate self hate.

The energy you surround yourself with greatly impacts your Being.

In fact, you become exactly like the five people you have most to do with in life.

So, if you don’t like what you see in them, remove yourself from these relationships as much as you can.

Number Four

Gratitude and love are two wings of the same bird.

It may not always be possible to ‘’vibrate love’ but everyone can make the choice to instantly feel grateful.

You amplify the power of gratitude by writing it down or having a gratitude journal.

Writing 10 things you are grateful for with your non dominant hand also works wonders.

Number Five

Setting healthy boundaries is essential for cultivating self-love.

Learn to say NO and mean it.

No to things and people who drain your energy or compromise your wellbeing.

When you establish boundaries, everyone can flourish, including the people you say NO to.

Number Six

Meditation is a soft spring shower to the budding plants in the garden of your heart.

It’s never been easier to meditate.

You can download a meditation app or listen to free meditation on YouTube all day long.

Make sure you choose one that is centred on self-love.

Number Seven

Practice self directed compassion.

Be compassionate to yourself just like you would to your beloved pet or child.

Free yourself from blame, guilt and shame by forgiving yourself from past actions or choices that may still burden you.

If this is too hard to forgive, I have a trick for you that works well.

Say: I forgive myself for not forgiving myself.

Or say: I forgive myself for not having forgiveness in my heart.

You will notice a shift in energy as soon as you say this.

Again, these words are the energy of self directed compassion, that will help soften the hard pebbles and shards you carry in your heart from when you were hurt.

Number Eight

Celebrate every little bit of progress along this journey.

Be your own best cheerleader.

Every step you take towards self-love is a tremendous achievement.

You are heading in the right direction.

One of my clients asked me: how long do I have to do this for?

The answer is that embracing self-love is a continuous process!

You will experience many setbacks, but if you committed to get back on the cart, you will soon enjoy more love, fulfilment, deep connections, better health and more wealth.

Take care and love yourself fiercely!

If you are experiencing pain, problems, stress and overwhelm, let me help you!

I can help you overcome triggers and trauma that stop you from loving yourself, and fast forward your personal and spiritual journey in no time!

When I work with you, I connect with the power of intelligence that is at work behind the scenes of your life and turn it around so you get the benefits (rather than the hardships).

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With love,

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Grada Robertson

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