March 27


Stop asking for a Break and start seeking a Breakthrough

By Grada Robertson

March 27, 2024

Have you ever asked for a break?

I suggest that you stop that immediately.

Let me explain why.

I used to only have one gear and that was top gear.

With 6 children, acres of gardens and a thriving natural therapy business, there wasn’t much time to stop and smell the roses.

“Give me a break!” I would sigh to myself.

On the outside, I had everything I wished for; a great soulmate, 6 wonderful children and work that I felt passionate about.

Yet, I struggled with self-worth.

I never felt good enough, I fretted about my kids, I was fearful of death, had low lying anxiety and constantly pressured myself to be superwomen.

I was always on the brink of overwhelm, paddling like crazy below the surface, keeping it all together.

Can you relate to that?

Today I can see that I wasn’t really asking for a break ….

What I needed was a BREAKTHROUGH experience. 

If only somebody had shown me how to get out of overwhelm and foster inner peace, I might have saved myself enormous amounts of pain.

Because the Universe responded and gave me what I had asked for but not in the way I expected.

I got my ‘break’ on a typical Friday afternoon, in January 2006 in Forth.

Not many people were out and about after Christmas and the new year, except for the noisy Robertsons.

We had enlisted the help of our 6 kids, ranging from 12 to 25, to help demolish part of the Old Post Office with the intention of creating a new clinic (the future Purple House).

So here I was, all dusty and sweaty from taking trailer loads of debris to the tip, ready to go home to have a shower.

As I walked to the car, I could never have dreamt I would have a date with death a few seconds later.

I opened the door and had one foot in the car, when suddenly I was struck down by an explosion in my back.

It all happened so fast.

I heard my passengers in the car screaming, and next I felt the door being wrenched from my hands as a white-hot flash of pain surged through my body.

Suddenly I was floating above the scene…

I noticed a potato truck heading up the hill, as if nothing had happened.

In slow motion, I saw my body crumple onto the hot tarmac.

Then I saw Joh, my eldest son running towards the scene and screaming: Oh Shit! Its mum!

But, now I am off in my own space.

Everything seems lighter, clearer.

All anxious thoughts leave my mind.

I begin to realize something: 

There is no fear or pain here, only light and stillness.

I want to stay here forever.

It is time to let go … I hear a voice, when suddenly I remember my children!

I didn’t even realise I had made a choice, but I am now back in my body.

My eyeballs are stuck in the back of my skull.

Too many skeletons in the cupboard Grada! Quick, roll your eyes back where they belong! I giggled at my own joke, even as I was lying there, on the brink of death.

But then I got serious.

My whole body has been rearranged and I simply couldn’t believe how I didn’t pass out from the pain.

We can endure 48 fractures before we faint, so I figured that I hadn’t quite reached that number, but I certainly got my Big Break!

Death would have been the easiest choice.

Have you ever been with somebody who is so ill or smashed up, that you secretly hope they just die?

I am sure many people around me felt like that.

I had a list of injuries a mile long including a broken neck, fractured T5 to T10, L2 to L4, a pulverized sacrum, while my pelvic was destroyed, liver laceration, broken ribs and a closed head injury and a leg fracture.

If I survived, and there was only a very small chance that I would, it was pronounced I may not be able to walk again and I would be incontinent for the rest of my life, requiring catheters and a colostomy bag.

In amongst the chaos and excruciating pain, I started to get very clear on one thing: Death was nothing to be afraid of!

It is life that gets messy and ugly, not death!

With the fear of death out of the way, I felt I was able to take charge of my own destiny.

At that moment I discovered that there is a freedom that ONLY YOU can give to yourself.

This is the most important freedom of all.

It is a freedom to live life on your terms and it can’t be taken away from you by an outside force. 

This freedom is not something you have to acquire. 

It is something already inside you, waiting patiently for you to discover and claim.

I had been cracked right open by the impact of the truck and dropped right into my own reservoir of positive energy.

And so, instead of seeing myself as an invalid with my outside life completely shattered, I decided I would go inward and dive as deep as I could go.

For the first time in 3 decades I had no dishes to wash, no mountains of laundry to tend to, no meals to cook, no clients to see, nobody to take care of.

I didn’t have to lift a finger.

All I had to do was make sure I survived my injuries.

I just had to make sure I kept breathing, one painful breath at a time, and never quit!

My newfound connection to my true essence supercharged my immune system. 

Within 10 days I was out of ICU, and the neck collar was removed because my neck fracture had healed.

My liver stopped bleeding by itself.

All the skin on my back was as new as a baby.

My broken ribs never caused me any pain.

I sailed through the operations with flying colours.

I took the colostomy bag in my stride.

I only had one goal: I wanted to be home with my kids, so I begged and pleaded until I arrived home strapped to a hospital bed 8 weeks later.

From the outside looking in, coming home so soon was a huge milestone and a victory in my recovery.

However, on the inside, I began to lose my newfound freedom and connection to my Core Self.

Instead, here I was, a 44 year old woman who had to depend on her husband and children for almost everything.

They had to help me into the wheelchair, empty my catheters and wash and feed me.

Where was the freedom in that?

I didn’t feel any pride in recovering at top speed because my old conditioning of shame and guilt was creeping back in.

Things weren’t happening fast enough for me, so I started to bully my body.

Once I realized I could walk, 12 weeks after the accident I became unstoppable, ignoring the pain and cries of my body.

I resumed my work as a healer 5 months after being declared paralysed for life.

I slotted back into being the helicopter mum.

Not long after that, my diary was filled with clients.

Somewhere during all this, my bladder and bowels healed.

I didn’t need catheters and my colostomy was reversed.

My body did all this of its own accord, without any rehabilitation plan.

But, while I regained more and more freedom on the outside, my inner peace was eroding just as fast.

The Near-Death experience which had left me profoundly altered was locked away in my heart.

It wasn’t something I could share.

I felt ashamed of it because it went against my conditioning.

My children were drifting away (which is totally normal of course, but I didn’t see it like that at the time).

My old life didn’t work for me anymore, but I desperately tried so hard to fit back in.

I was a slow learner.

The universe tickles us with a feather to get our attention to tell us to stop downgrading our dream, our purpose.

When we ignore it, we might need a brick through our window.

Finally we might need to get hit by a truck.

And if that doesn’t work, we might need to lose our minds for a bit.

In 2008 the wheels came off the cart big time and I was admitted into a psychiatric hospital with acute panic disorder and a range of other things.

Have you ever experienced a serious breakdown like this where you come adrift at the seams?

My mind / body / soul simply wouldn’t obey my orders any longer.

When I was discharged from the psychiatric ward 8 weeks later, I felt that I had moved sideways, not forward.

The medical world didn’t give me the solutions I needed so Pete and I travelled the world looking for answers.

I had many stints in hospitals around the world, like Chicago, Hong Kong, Sydney, Brisbane because my insides didn’t agree with flying.

At Christmas 2012 my life came to a grinding halt.

I was dying and I needed emergency surgery to clear internal scar tissue that was strangling my bowels.

It was the best Christmas present ever, and the surgeon successfully cleared all the barnacles of the shipwreck that my body had become.

All those years I had studied incessantly, using my body as a science laboratory.

  • I learned how to correct the energy flow in my chakra system.
  • I discovered how I could dial up or dial down the life force so I could heal very fast and have energy to spare even after seeing many clients per day.
  • I learned how to tune up my energy flow to restore my bank account to healthy levels.  
  • I learnt how to experience deep peace, no matter what my circumstances are.
  • I received the breakthroughs my soul had been longing for in the first place.

Are miracles repeatable?

I believe so.

People think that I have special powers.

They are right, I do have special powers, but you do as well!

You can turn up your life force, and your money flow and happiness.

The thing is, there is an art and a science behind every Miracle.

You can either unconsciously block the flow of Miracles or consciously step into the flow of Miracles.

This art and science can be applied to any aspect of your life.

I am excited to offer you the opportunity to activate your gifts and good fortune by participating in my 8 week Discover Your Feminine Fortune Program.

You are invited to join me every Thursday Morning 10 A.M until 12 P.M.

The sessions will be held over Zoom, so you can join from anywhere in the world and the sessions are recorded so you can rewatch them as often as you like.

You will also receive a comprehensive workbook with practices, meditations, and energy hacks to support your positive transformations.

Discover Your Feminine Fortune takes a deep dive right into your inner core.

This Core that your life is structured around is part of the Master System that operates your life.

It holds the keys to LIFE, LOVE, HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE.

  • You will learn how to delete scarcity or poverty programs, so you will see a return on your money.
  • You receive weekly energetic upgrades, so you feel alive and inspired.
  • Your confidence will get stronger.
  • Your intuition becomes very clear.
  • You begin to understand the issues in your tissues.
  • You learn how to tap into your Master System for increased peace, calm and rejuvenation of your nervous system.
  • You will be able to connect with your own energetic system.
  • People will remark how radiant you look, as you develop your inner glow.

Remember that an hour with a coach can save you 30 years in the library looking for answers.

Don’t be a slow learner like I was.

Your truck (= heartbreak) might be the slow burn of the daily grind, being stuck in the grey zone, living your life on autopilot.

Or your joy might have flatlined and you have lost your mojo somewhere along the line.

Perhaps you self-sabotage at crucial moments and end up missing out on opportunities, missing the boat.

Sometimes you might feel as if you have had to be everything to everyone and now you are suffering from a sense of emptiness and disconnect.

You have sprung a leak and don’t know how to stop it.

Perhaps you simply want to know how to live your life authentically and do it Your Way!

Or you want to have a closer connection to your Divine Self and be ‘plugged in’ to the Universe.

The truth is that without guidance, life is messy!

And loss and heartbreak are something we all have in common.

An accident. Miscarriage.  A health scare. Losing your job, your mum, the love of your life. Losing your money. A divorce. A fight with your child. A betrayal.

These are all ‘truck’ moments.


Unexpected life changes that are so big you don’t think you’ll survive them and if you do, you’ll never be the same. 

And yet here you are, still showing up, reading this email!

You have come so far.

Isn’t it time to make yourself the priority?

Even if you don’t think you are important, fulfilling your destiny is something your Soul wants you to experience and the Universe will keep knocking on your door till you respond.

Are you ready for your next adventure and feel held and supported by a group of loving heart-centred women?

The starting date is Thursday, 11 April 2024 at 10 a.m. over Zoom, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

I am so looking forward leading you into your own unlimited reservoir of positive energy and freedom!

Enroll now and receive the Bonus Package for free – Money Mastery through the Chakras valued at $495, as well as my audio book (You are the Miracle – How Being Hit by a Truck Saved My Life) valued at $11.99.

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It is time to reclaim the powers of your Inner Wisdom, dissolve your hidden limiting beliefs and begin to enjoy more happiness, health and wealth. 

Much love,

Grada Robertson

About the author

Grada Robertson is the author of ‘You Are The Miracle! How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life’ which has inspired many women to step into their personal power.
Grada loves working with conscious, creative female entrepreneurs who want to make great money on their terms.
"My core purpose is to accelerate spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness."

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