April 13


Money is a universal cure …

By Grada Robertson

April 13, 2022

Imagine you are lingering on the couch at home with a broken leg, feeling depressed.

You don’t even have energy to take a shower.

Your house is a mess.

To make matters worse, somebody is ringing the doorbell incessantly.

That person isn’t going to give up!

Reluctantly you hop off the couch, get your crutches and hobble to the door.

You slowly open the door and are met by an official looking person who announces that you have just won 2 million dollars.

He gives you a written cheque, and its all legitimate.

The camera crew is there as well, filming your reaction.

Instantly you forget your leg fracture, your bad mood, and your low energy.

  • You are jumping up and down.
  • You start crying and screaming and do a victory lap across the hallway!
  • You want to celebrate life!

Such is the power of cash/windfall.

It not only takes away your money pain, but it also changes the entire chemistry in your body!

Most people don’t understand the value of money and what it can do for you.

When you have money, you feel great.

You feel a sense of freedom and expansion.

When you are in scarcity, you can feel stressed, overwhelmed, ill and destructive. (especially towards those closest to you)

Money isn’t just a number.

Money liberates you personally and gives you a chance to impact the world for the better.

The truth is that nearly 8 out of 10 people constantly worries about money.

Money stress is hard on your nervous system because you are constantly bombarded by cortisol and adrenalin.

Both of these are stress hormones that shorten your life span.  

If you lend money to friends, your children or family members, it can cause unconscious stress.

If they don’t pay you back, it will contaminate your relationship with them.

Even if you pretend it does not.

Your subconscious will know.

Try not to lend money to anyone.  

It can be hard at first to say NO, but you need to start practicing and it will get easier for you.

Practice good money boundaries with others and with yourself too.

The Universe is watching on and it will give you more of what you are doing.

If you are in debt and you don’t have the money to buy the items you want, you can’t have them.

Yes, a very harsh statement but it is true.

You don’t have the money so unless you go out and earn it yourself or you sell something you don’t need, you will have to wait until you do.

By taking action like this, you build valuable self-esteem, and the Universe will reward every esteem-able action you take!

When you discipline yourself to have really clear money boundaries, money seems to come to you more and you really value what you have.

Not having money to pay your bills affects your self-worth.

It can create feelings of not being good enough when you are comparing yourself to others.

This can keep you awake at night because your mind is fixated on problems, and if you are not careful this becomes a vicious circle.  

When you don’t get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep at night your body is not able to do the deep repairing it needs to do and then illness often sets in.

Illness or accidents are really your body letting you know that something in your life needs to change!

I specialize in explaining your body’s messages to you.

I can do this very easily!

As soon as I hear your voice I connect in to your subconscious mind.

Imagine how relieved your subconscious mind feels when somebody is finally able to interpret what it’s been trying to get you to see and do?

When women start to work on themselves the symptoms can show up as physical or emotional pain, money or business blocks or even problems in their relationship and that’s how they get stuck.

I can work with you from anywhere in the world and support you to energetically remove the blocks so that you can transform many areas of your life all at once.

I can’t wait to help you transform your life, so you can finally be free from stress and pain, feel good about yourself, look radiant, attract love and money!

Upcoming Workshops:

Sound Money 101 with Tyson

Get educated on the 3 different forms of money.

Learn the different aspects of sound money and how you can profit from them.

Gain invaluable knowledge, such as:

  • How to safeguard your money during the “Great Reset”
  • Learn about market psychology 
  • Avoid the upcoming bank runs
  • How to buy and sell precious metals
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  • And much more!

Where: Purple House 47 Wilmot Road Forth

Date: Saturday, 7th May 2022

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Cost: $30.00 per person

Places are limited and bookings essential.

Grada Robertson

About the author

Grada Robertson is the author of ‘You Are The Miracle! How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life’ which has inspired many women to step into their personal power.
Grada loves working with conscious, creative female entrepreneurs who want to make great money on their terms.
"My core purpose is to accelerate spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness."

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