September 1


It’s time to shift gears!

By Ashleigh Harris

September 1, 2022

Do you sometimes wonder how you can tap into the ‘greatness’ within?

You want to show up in a more mature loving way, but you ‘miss the mark’ because you are too tired, stressed or overwhelmed?

In this video I explore some of the ways that help me to live with more wisdom and depth.

Before you watch it, let me give you some processes here.

1. Let go of your thoughts, fears, and worries and make room for uplifting thinking, rather than stinking thinking.

We have 70000 negative thoughts per day.

Unfortunately, it’s the way we are programmed, but we can choose to interrupt the flow of negative thoughts by paying attention to how you think.

I suggest that you stop yourself in your tracks multiple times per day.

For instance every time you hop in the car, or into your house or work, STOP, take a deep breath, and take a moment to reflect on what ‘thinking station’ you are tuned into.

Ask yourself:

  • Are these thoughts honouring me?
  • Are they fear based or love based?
  • Are they true?
  • How do I know this is true?
  • Are these thoughts giving me energy or draining my energy?

If they are negative or harmful, protect yourself by turning your thoughts around.

Simply think of a colour you love, a sunset, a flower, or look up at the sky.

Tell yourself how awesome you are.

You are as important and magnificent as Mount Everest, as resilient as the trees in the forest, as the waves of the sea.

2. Stop watching the news.

The news we watch is always the same story.

It is written to provoke anger, fear, helplessness and a fight and flight response.

It’s not created to make us smart.

The purpose of mainstream media is to dumb you down.

If you stopped watching the news, you give yourself 365 extra hours per year to invest in yourself.

That equates to 2.5 months per year (in work weeks) to take better care of yourself, read, meditate, walk, connect with your dreams, be creative, uplevel your thinking or connect with loved ones that you have lost touch with.

3. It is OK to fail.

I have failed many times.

Sometimes I learnt from it, other times I didn’t, but every failure brings me closer to a new version of me.

4. Get a journal and write.

This will activate your sense of self.

You will discover you are the miracle.

You become inspired to take steps forward.

It helps you to get out of overwhelm, so you get clarity.

Whatever you write doesn’t have to be pretty, intelligent or true.

You have to see it as an opportunity to get to know the real self that is hiding behind the stress, overwhelm and all the roles you play.

5. Go on a RETREAT.

I am in the middle of a 10-day retreat right now.

I just took some time off to connect with you through this message.

Then I am going back in retreat.

This is the 4th retreat I have taken in 2022.

I need this time to slow down, to work on my sense of self, to recalibrate my energies, to deepen my consciousness, and for all this go become embodied, go into my blood and tissues of my body, I need to be away from everyone and everything.

No healing sticks without STILLNESS and deep inner REST.

RETREAT comes from the words RE which means AGAIN, and TREAT, which means giving yourself a TREAT, a happy event, a TREATment.

‘Treat’ means Cure, To Take Care Of, to Give, To Remedy.

When was the last time you gave yourself access to something like this?

I am offering you a chance to attend a wonderful retreat on the 17th and 18th of September, in my sanctuary at Forth.

You are invited to participate in my reflexology workshop where you get to rest and receive healing energy for a total of one whole day.

I will teach you how to heal your body by using the reflexology knowledge which has been passed down to us by the ancients.

Under my guidance, this therapy will come alive.

You will also receive special attention because I will use my psychic abilities to look deeply into your body.

Many of my students find that their own intuition is activated and sharpened during these workshops.

You will tap into the greatness within and trigger healing energy, which will continue to flow into every area of your life with beneficial effects.

I am looking forward to seeing you there.

With love,

Ashleigh Harris

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