August 10


Free Meditation to bring in more health and wealth.

By Grada Robertson

August 10, 2022

Free Meditation to bring in more health and wealth.

One of the most important energy centres of the body is the Dantien.

People who have a lot of health issues, toxic relationships, or empty wallets, have a weak Dantien.

So if you want to do well in life you need to make this power centre stronger.

This energetic centre, (which I call ‘womb space’ for women or power centre for men) is located in the centre core of your body, approximately 3 inches below the navel inside the body.

Your Dantien holds your power, your motivation and it’s the place where your life force bubbles up.

It also helps you to remain grounded and steady.

When your life force dries up, you notice a drop in energy, and if this goes on for too long, you get sick.

By turning up your life force consciously, like we are going to do during this meditation, your energy begins to flow again, giving your immune system a much-needed boost and your nervous system a chance to RESET.

Did you know that your Dantien also contains the intention to succeed?

It holds the key to turning up your money flow.

And beyond that, the Dantien is your Spiritual Centre, guiding you towards mental and spiritual growth.

It has its own consciousness beyond the physical that leads us directly to our authentic selves.

This is why we say “I have a gut feeling about this” and our gut instincts are always accurate.

When you connect to this power centre, you are connected to the vast Universe.

And once you begin to practice this kind of meditation daily, it becomes easier to be tapped into this infinite consciousness.

A well-developed energetic field brings in more health, wealth, business opportunities and success, so this discipline is also beneficial for your career and business.

Do not miss out on this guided meditation into your Power Centre / Womb Space / Dantien.

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