October 19


Finding the key to healing, abundance and joy …

By Grada Robertson

October 19, 2022

Is healing, abundance, joy and goodness just outside your reach?

You stretch and grasp, and it keeps eluding you.

If this is you, please tune into the video below.

I explain how creating and manifesting what you want is only 50% of the story.

The other 50% is most likely holding you back and stopping you from breaking through your glass ceiling.

I am talking about uncreating.

You need to uncreate the subconscious stoppers.

These are the things we are mostly unconscious of, so I have used the example of how this plays out for my three daughters.

These blocks have everything to do with survival, and karmic imprints of trauma, persecution, torture and inhumanity.

These imprints are often in our brainstem and jump out at us as shadows.

Just when you think you have all your ducks lines up, everything goes to sh*t .

If this repeats itself more than twice, you know you have an unconscious pattern, most likely from trauma your ancestors experienced and from karmic events that you bring into this life to get resolution.

Only, most people don’t know what they are dealing with.

As a trauma specialist, I hunt for these shadows in my clients subconscious storage space and help to dissolve them.

One way is by acknowledging the awful things you have experienced.

Unless we acknowledge the trauma, the body/mind/soul system will hang onto them until your last breath, and then you might bring them back into you next life.

You will definitely pass them on to your children.

Follow me in the video to see how compassionate acknowledgment is the way to dissolve these karmic soul imprints.

Stop the video if you need more time with one or more of the mantras.

Even if you feel nothing, no resonation, that doesn’t in and of itself mean that you are in the clear!

It usually means that is has caused you so much pain, you have numbed out to it.

So please listen carefully, and jot things down so you can continue to explore this topic.

I take my work very seriously!

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Grada Robertson

About the author

Grada Robertson is the author of ‘You Are The Miracle! How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life’ which has inspired many women to step into their personal power.
Grada loves working with conscious, creative female entrepreneurs who want to make great money on their terms.
"My core purpose is to accelerate spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness."

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