May 3


Do You Overlook Yourself ?

By Grada Robertson

May 3, 2023

Did you ever feel overlooked or not important as a child?

Today, the scars of that might show up as:

  • People pleasing.
  • Always putting others first.
  • Difficulty prioritising your needs or wants.
  • Imposter syndrome (who am I to be/do/have such a thing?)
  • Feeling disconnected from your inner being.
  • Playing it safe or small.
  • Difficulty enjoying lasting love.
  • Addictions (workaholic, gambling, food, drinks, drugs, porn etc).
  • Letting opportunities come and go without acting.
  • Missing out on life.
  • ……..(Fill in the blanks with your own version)

Today, I am going to help you integrate the lost forgotten inner child so you can receive more love and happiness.

Did you know that the further back you go into your childhood, the more powerful the negative hold of your memories is?

That’s the reason I spent a fair bit of time uncovering and healing early childhood traumas.

Before age 7, we have no identity at all.

There is no sense of self.

For the first 7 years of our lives, we are literally photocopy machines.

There is not protective filter to block the bad, harmful and inappropriate energies.

Everything you see, feel and experience around you is absorbed by your nervous system and forms the programming that you base your life on.

These earliest memories become the lens through which you filter and experience life.

If you were held, adored, celebrated, validated and told how much you are loved you will often automatically seek this kind of love as an adult, and you do it unconsciously.

The same goes for money.

If you are born in a wealthy family, you often automatically attract money, rather than repel it, because your childhood environment polished your internal money thermostat, so it works in your favour.

If you were born into a home where the dominant authoritative figures were violent, abusive, neglectful, and ignorant of your emotional needs……

Or if you were punished and abused and your parent said: ‘I did that because I love you, or ‘I did this for your own good,’ or ‘this hurts me more than you” the child will model love and intimate relationships around that.

You will seek out abusive or difficult love/relationships unconsciously as an adult, not even knowing that you are simply spitting out a photocopy of your earliest memories

The unconscious is running your life and seeking out what was there first.

Those first experiences become the standard by which everything else is measured by.

It’s not even about “good” or “bad.

It’s about what was their first.

So today, we are going to integrate the messages that we needed to hear and feel as a child and take personal responsibility for the wellbeing of our inner child.

Our parents did what they could, with the resources they had at the time.

Today, there is only one person that can give them to us.

This doesn’t mean blaming yourself for what happened to you that wasn’t ok.

What it does mean is embracing those parts of you that were hurt, damaged or stunted at some point in your life and giving those parts an opportunity to grow, and mature.

Every time you get triggered, or you are experiencing a tough emotion/situation, go back to the list and repeat these messages out loud, while you put your hand on your heart/tummy.

The main thing is, to make contact with your body, because your body houses your earliest memories.

Another way to integrate them is to write them down every day for 30 days.

Do it from memory.

The ones you find hardest to remember are the ones that will give you a lot of insight and these are the ones that you must be most diligent with.

Here is the list.

I suggest you copy it and keep it somewhere handy.

Early childhood messages:

  1. I love you.
  2. I want you/you are so wanted.
  3. You are special to me.
  4. Every part of you is cherished.
  5. I see you and I hear you.
  6. I feel you.
  7. I get you.
  8. You are important to me
  9. It isn’t what you do, but who you are that I love.
  10. I love you and you have permission to be different to me.
  11. I will always take care of you.
  12. I will be there for you.
  13. I will be there for you even when I die.
  14. You don’t have to be alone anymore.
  15. You can trust me.
  16. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.
  17. I have got your back.
  18. My love will make you well.
  19. I welcome and cherish your love.
  20. You can trust your inner voice.

Messages to the teenage child.

  1. I have confidence in you, I am sure you will succeed.
  2. I believe in you!
  3. You are as important as Mount Everest.
  4. I will set limits and am willing to enforce them.
  5. If you fall, I will pick you up!
  6. We are in this together.
  7. I am so proud of you.
  8. I give you permission to be a sexual being.
  9. You are so beautiful.
  10. You are so handsome.
  11. You are so loveable.
  12. I give you permission to be yourself.
  13. You are perfectly good enough just the way you are.
  14. You are a genius.
  15. You can do anything you put your mind to.

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Things will change in one session!

Much love,

Grada Robertson

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