October 6


Creating Flow and Freedom: Why It’s Vital!

By Grada Robertson

October 6, 2023

Creating Flow and Freedom: Why It’s Vital!

So, what is flow?

The sensation of flow is not only essential to life but also to love and healthy relationships.

When you experience a sense of flow within your body and mind, all feels right with the world (and your body)

When this flow extends to your interactions with others, your relationships thrive.

There are 3 primary love hormones that are easily released when you are in flow

  1. Oxytocin (the chemistry that enhances bonding in relationships, sets up appropriate psychological boundaries, and maintains intimate relationships.
  2. Dopamine (a powerful “feel-good” chemical in the brain’s reward system, associated with pleasure — and addiction)
  3. Serotonin (a brain chemical associated with well-being and calmness.)

But what exactly is flow?

Flow is a complex sensation comprised of three key elements:

  1. Movement,
  2. Play,
  3. And, spaciousness.

Remove any of these elements, and the flow diminishes.

Without movement, there’s no flow.

Without a sense of spaciousness, there’s no flow.

Without playfulness, there’s definitely no flow.

When all three elements coexist within our bodies and relationships, we are in harmony with life and love.

Conversely, the opposite of flow is resistance and stagnation, and it manifests as a lack of joy.

To illustrate this, do a simple experiment with me in the video above.

Begin where you are right now, sitting in your room.

Close your eyes, and scan your body with your attention.

You might notice a sensation of constriction somewhere in your body.

To illustrate this, lets pretend it’s in your right shoulder blade – it feels somewhat rigid, like something’s not moving within.

Now, shift your attention to your left shoulder blade.

Underneath it, the sensation might be entirely different.

It feels alive and agile.

Your right side, in contrast, might feel slightly numb or lifeless.

Now, it’s your turn to scan your body and see if you can find a place where the flow is lacking.

Check your shoulders and neck; these areas often lose their sense of flow.

Focus on the centre of your body, and direct your attention to any area where you find a lack of flow.

Returning to my right shoulder blade, I notice that when I move my arm around playfully for a brief period, say half a minute, or engage in playful movements for a while, it feels more open, as if energy is flowing through it once more.

The truth is that many of us live in the grip of fear which blocks our healthy, happy flow.

Fear causes contraction, especially in the core of our bodies.

If you could observe the inside of your stomach when you’re scared, you’d see that it tightens – and it can get so constricted that it even looks white!

The same goes for other muscles.

They tense, ready for action, and our pupils constrict.

The trigger for this response can be any threat – real or imaginary.

And, to create a state of calm and flow, consciously resonate with the bodily sensations you’re experiencing, and communicate the simple truth to yourself.

For instance, say, “I’m feeling fear” for a duration of ten seconds.

Once you consciously confront your fear, you can breathe into your feelings and speak about them.

Notice them.

By facing what you feel, you immediately begin to heal.

When you feel the residues of the past in your body and acknowledge them, you’re putting the past to rest right where it’s always been – within you.

Nowhere else.

This is how you begin to create flow and freedom WITHIN the experience of the present moment.

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Grada Robertson

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