March 8


Mastering your Core Fears …

By Grada Robertson

March 8, 2023

The 2 steps to master your core fears.

Virtually every issue of scarcity comes from an internal state of fear.

Fear also creates an abundance limit, because fear’s job is to keep us ‘safe and secure’.

Staying small is often safer than being seen, heard, and noticed.

If we want to be truly wealthy in all aspects of our lives, we have to make friends with fear because fear is here to stay.

Fear is actually the very first reflex or emotion that we are capable of feeling.

It kicks in as early as 9 weeks of gestation when you are only the size of a jellybean.

Yes, as early as that!

Imagine floating around peacefully inside your mum’s safe womb space when you get jolted by a surge of fear for the first time.

Our entire nervous system is constructed on and around this fear reflex.

Fear is our guidance system.

On a physical level, fear warns us about danger.

On a spiritual/mental level, fear is often the first indication that we are not connected to our higher selves and that we need to do something about that.

The negative thing about fear is that it can hijack our lives.

Fear is a constricting energy, which means that it blocks the flow of energy.

I am talking about the flow of money, the flow of love, the natural flow of your immune system, your happy hormones etc.

During my teaching programs, I show my students how to master their core fears and how to free themselves from the cycle of fear, worry, and stress.

Step number one is to stop resisting fear because what you resist persists.

Instead, get in touch with the fearful parts of you, and really pay them 100% attention, and take time to notice what comes up for you.

Your body is only capable of releasing fear hormones for 90 seconds at a time, and unless you hook back into scary stories and worries, your body will calm down when you do your noticing and become the Observer.

You can ask yourself how old you are when you are feeling scared like this.

The fearful part of Self usually represents a very young version of yourself, somewhere between conception and 8 years.

That is when most fears get stuck and remain stuck in our bodies.

The second step to mastering fear is to commit to increasing self-love.

Self-love is foreign to a lot of people.

When I grew up, we were programmed to believe that self-love was evil and that it would destroy us.

Like most forms of mind control, this type of programming went very deep and had no relationship to the Ultimate Truth.

So how do we do self-love?

My favourite way is to keep saying the words:

  • I love myself for feeling……. (negative feeling),
  • I love myself for feeling ‘stupid’,
  • I love myself for feeling ‘tired’,
  • I love myself for making that mistake,
  • I love myself for feeling, ‘I am not enough’,
  • I love myself for feeling ‘sad… angry…’ etc.

This immediately creates a sense of trust between all the factions in your body.

And when you do this long enough, this new voice of love becomes a cheerleader on the block and starts to override your critical internal voices.

Bit by bit you genuinely start to feel better in yourself.

Because if fear is the problem love is the antidote and you are creating a new foundation of love.

Love comes in all sorts of forms.

How can I be more gentle and compassionate with myself?

  • Slowing down.
  • Feeling grateful and appreciating yourself.
  • Standing in front of the mirror and telling yourself what you appreciate about yourself.
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude.
  • Practice (self) forgiveness at every opportunity.
  • Drink more water with healthy salt.
  • Go to be earlier.
  • Eat fewer carbs.
  • Reach out to true friends.
  • Remove yourself from toxic people or situations.
  • Treat yourself to regular massages or healing sessions.
  • Listen to music with the frequency of 528 Hz (YouTube).
  • Spend time in solitude. (Think about your loved ones who have passed over, be open to receiving a message of love from them)
  • Practice trust in your own body, in your ability to heal yourself and to create a wonderful life.

These are some starting points that really helped me overcome my dark night of the soul.

These practices are simple to do (and simple to NOT do) and the choice is yours.

I am here to cheer you on, every step along the way.

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Grada Robertson

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