February 15


Achievement doesn’t always equal happiness.

By Grada Robertson

February 15, 2023

I used to be super achievement driven, until one day I realized: “Hey, I have ticked all the items on my bucket list, and I am not happy! What’s wrong with me?”

That’s when I realized I had spent most of my life living outside of my body, pushing, striving, dreaming and scheming, always chasing a new goal.

Yes, it was exciting, and rewarding, until suddenly it wasn’t!

I had to turn the steering wheel around and learn to manage the ‘internal slave driver’ and connect with the softer, wiser, older part of me that had been hiding in the depth of my subconscious mind/body system.

To connect with my soul, I had to learn to get very comfortable inside my skin, and return home into my body.

I had to learn to accept myself and commit to the journey of self love, instead of ‘self-mutilation’ which goes along with being an over achiever.

I had to learn to let go of opportunities, the smell of outer success and stop chasing some of my dreams and slow down to find true happiness.

Each of us are on our own unique journey.

But, one thing is the same for everyone: when we live in resistance, our joy disappears.

Joy increases when we stop resisting our circumstances, issues in our relationship, the world situation etc, and start thinking:

Why is this happening FOR me?

Instead of why is this happening TO me?

ALL HEALING begins with the decision to stop seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances and start believing that you are a co-creator of your life, and the Universe is your best friend. (not your enemy that you have to struggle against)

When you understand this, and practice it, you start to become wiser.

Wise people are often happy and contented.

That’s because they stopped giving their power away to someone or somebody else.

Whenever power is given to someone outside of you, it means you have given in to victimhood, and your life will be filled with endless struggle, fear, pain and confusion.

I understand why we do it.

It’s what we had to do when we came into this world as human babies.

But, it also means that somewhere along the line, we stopped growing emotionally.

We might be stuck at age 6 or 7, emotionally speaking, and we still view the world as that dependent child, always looking for someone or something outside of us to make it better.

I am not saying that when you take full responsibility of your life and take charge of your thoughts and actions your life suddenly becomes easy and free of challenges.

What it means for you is that you begin to make real progress in reconnecting with your deepest self.

Instead of wasting your pain, your pain transforms into your new powerbase.

You are learning something from it and its transforming you from the inside out.

Challenges become opportunities for growth.

Growing in self-love, self-directed compassion and coming home to the real self, and experiencing unshakable peace.

A good practice is this:

At every single fork in the road, ask yourself:

  • Can this move me forward?
  • How can this help me grow into the deep soul/spirit that I am?
  • How can I stop allowing myself to go into victimhood and self sabotage?

Remember that we all make mistakes.

Mistakes are good.

They show you what you don’t want.

Now, you can get back on the horse into the direction that you want.

Don’t waste time on regret.

Put your mistakes down to experience.

The most successfully happy people in life are the ones who made the most mistakes.

They simply keep going!

Tune into the video below, where I take you for a journey into your Core Essence, which is your true source of joy and life force.

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Grada Robertson

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