September 14


5 ways to live a life without fear !

By Grada Robertson

September 14, 2022

Did you know that living in resistance to death creates resistance to life?

Curiosity about death brings about curiosity for life.

Millions of people have gone to the border and almost crossed over.

They have had a near-death experience and come back to share their experiences.

Listening to other people’s experiences around death helps us to think much bigger than our day-to-day events.

Our brain and nervous system can only take in one billionth of reality, and all the other realities are lost to us and labeled as the Great Unknown.

The Great Unknown fills us with fear because our subconscious mind loves familiarity.

It’s helpful to remember that our human eyes can only see to some level.

Cats can see more than humans, and eagles can see even more for instance.

This means that our perception is very limited which creates denial in us that there are many other dimensions.

As soon as we drop off to sleep, we take off in our astral body (The Astral body houses the soul) and we have many adventures and experiences while we sleep.

At the point of death, the Real Self leaves the body and moves into the invisible realms.

Did you know that we do the same thing every night?

So every night we experience a mini death, and every morning we are reborn.

Remembering that we continue to exist, even though we astral travel every night and forget our adventures on waking, helps us to feel less fearful of our own death.

Another way of explaining our existence and mortality is the fact that everything is energy.

We are 99.9999% energy and only 0.0001% physical matter.

Yet we live our lives enslaved to this 0.0001%.

We all know that a slave doesn’t enjoy much freedom.

So, how can we liberate ourselves and reduce the fear of death, or the fear of the unknown?

1. Foster a sense of gratitude because the vibration of gratitude goes far beyond the material realm and gives us access to True Source/God.

What you acknowledge, you get more off.

Your words and thoughts of acknowledgment are noted by the Universe.

2. Acknowledge Often.

Acknowledge somebody’s wisdom, love, beauty, kindness and so on.

The opposite is also true.

If you fail to acknowledge your hurts for instance, you can’t begin to heal.

Awareness and acknowledgment are the first steps towards healing and a better life.

Acknowledging your own gifts, and talents is also very important.

If you skip this step, you don’t grow, and if you don’t grow, you remain stuck in fear.

3. Believe in something that is bigger than you.

Make the Universe your friend and see the divine timing and order operating behind the surface of things.

4. Meditate every day.

People who are regular meditators find that in their last moments, the meditative mind just takes over and they die peacefully.

Meditation doesn’t have to be ‘hard core’.

It simply means creating stillness inside your mind/body system.

5. The biggest regrets people have at their point of death and in between lifetimes, is “love with-held”.

This is according to ancient wise beings.

Don’t let fear of rejection, or old hurts stop you from being the love that you are.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to give and receive love.

This also includes selflove!

All these positive feelings (gratitude, believing and trusting in infinite consciousness, meditation and connecting to true love) emit vibes that surpass the material realm and reach into the subtle realms.

When your times comes to pass over, your grandfathers and mothers, your ancestral lineage is waiting for you.

They will receive you and celebrate you.

And today you can connect with this eternal peace that goes beyond understanding and forms the foundation of our reality.

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Much Love

Grada Robertson

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