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Hurtful memories are heavy burdens. They get in the way of us having the life we deserve, because suppressing these memories takes a lot of energy. Not only that, the hurt can make us doubt ourselves, lose confidence, needing approval from others, insecure and unworthy. Identifying and clearing emotional traumas

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What is NOT self-compassion ? Self-compassion is NOT self-pity It is also NOT self-care. Or self-esteem. It is NOT making yourself better or worse than others. So what is it then? Self-compassion is love in the midst of our own suffering. This suffering could be around emotional anguish, physical pain,

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Today, I want to draw your attention to big and small miracles and how you can position yourself in the flow of miracles even when things get a little hairy. There are three things that will stop the Universe from being able to deliver you the miracles you have been

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Click here to watch on YouTube Click here to watch on Rumble The 2 steps to master your core fears. Virtually every issue of scarcity comes from an internal state of fear. Fear also creates an abundance limit, because fear’s job is to keep us ‘safe and secure’. Staying small

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Why are some people always showered by good fortune and others aren’t? Did you know it is all to do with being open or closed to receiving? And that this boils down to a skill that you can learn? Today, I am going to give you a taste of how

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I used to be super achievement driven, until one day I realized: “Hey, I have ticked all the items on my bucket list, and I am not happy! What’s wrong with me?” That’s when I realized I had spent most of my life living outside of my body, pushing, striving,

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