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Do you sometimes feel as if the brakes are on? Money might be going in, and it is going out just as fast? You are stuck in Groundhog Day. Or perhaps you are making plenty; but you are working too hard? People come to me about their personal challenges, and

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Have you ever had to dig for water? Pete and I did, back in our farm-steading days in the 1980’s. We were living in the back of beyond, and the tap water was disgusting. Pete started digging a well on the side of a hill after a highly reputable water

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There are people who don’t believe in the principle of resting, relaxing and receiving. I used to be one of those people. Between age 13 and 43 I only had one gear, and that was top speed. Everything had to happen fast, so I could cram as much in the

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Do you feel that some people are just too much for you? We all aspire to be our best selves, but sometimes it feels like there are things beyond our control that push us over the edge. Some of these things are people that we have to do with. Christmas

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Click here to watch on Rumble Click here to watch on YouTube Chances are that your inner critic is running the show. Every day we give ourselves 60000+ negative messages. We are so used to it, that we don’t even pay any attention to it. But, that doesn’t mean the

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Click here to watch on Rumble Click here to watch on YouTube Childhood trauma doesn’t just fade away — it unfolds over a life span. Childhood trauma and suppressed negative emotions affect your brain development, your immune and hormonal system; and even the way your DNA is expressed; for the rest

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