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Free Meditation to bring in more health and wealth. One of the most important energy centres of the body is the Dantien. People who have a lot of health issues, toxic relationships, or empty wallets, have a weak Dantien. So if you want to do well in life you need

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Have you ever felt jealous of others who seem so much more successful than you? Yet you work so hard, but nothing gives… Your finances remain the same… Your weight is still creeping up…And your relationships remain tense…You are just so tired from trying so hard…. Why can’t you be

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Click here to watch on Rumble Click here to watch on YouTube We all have unwanted parts of ourselves that hinder our progress in life. These parts were created during traumatic events in our childhood, and caused our consciousness to split. They can run amok and sabotage our best intentions.

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I believe the future of medicine is Energy Medicine. It makes sense when you think about it, because we are 99.9999% energy and only 0.0001% matter. Why doesn’t everyone use energy medicine to heal their bodies and their problems, when energy is the motivating force that creates and drive everything?

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Does your brain keep tripping you up? There is part of your brain that is very gullible, prone to follow the herd, with a low IQ, and it reacts childlike sometimes as if it has no ability to consider the long-term consequences of its actions. Even Einstein had a brain

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Worry never feels good. Preparing for the worst is a coping mechanism that most of us were taught as children. I was raised by a mum who believed life is a tragedy waiting to happen. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy for her. It was a survival mechanism that she developed

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