Wealth Building

Discover Your Feminine Fortune

6 Modules 0 Chapters 28 Lessons

About this course

In this program you will learn:

  • How to stop sabotaging income and money flow, by programming your entire Mind/Body system for high level abundance
  • Find out the real reasons why you are in pain (money, love, or health wise), so you can break out of the rut and become a magnet for money, true love and vibrant health. So you can have it all. (This is your divine birthright!)
  • How to release money blocks very quickly, so you can have the wonderful income you want.
  • How to go from a place of being powerless and stuck around money to a place of inner power with finances that you have not experienced before, that will allow you to do everything that you are not doing right now
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Course Structure

Premium course
5 Lessons

Secret One - The Base / Root Chakra

This week we will unlock the revolutionary system of Feminine Power. Discover where it started in your base chakra system, how it got stuck, and what to focus on to liberate it. Once the flow is restored, it becomes at least 10x easier for you to manifest and create what you want.
Premium course
5 Lessons

Secret Two - The Sacral Chakra

Because many women find themselves pulled in all different directions, you will be shown how to ‘stop the energy leaking’ by strengthening the sacral chakra. This important portal houses our most sacred, infinite, feminine fortune energy. Trauma and neglect cause this energy to freeze over, and this becomes our number one inner barrier to success. So this week we begin to ‘defrost’ the feminine power centre, so miracles start flowing.
Premium course
5 Lessons

Secret Three - The Solar Plexus Chakra

This week we release the number two inner barrier to success: the root feelings of isolation and loneliness that stopped you from accessing the resources and support from your solar plexus portal. Once we activate this energy, incredible support and confidence will flow to you.
Premium course
5 Lessons

Secret Four - The Heart Chakra

This week we learn the portal of the heart. Many women have given their lives in sacrifice to others. The feminine heart chakra is the seat of many deep hidden yearnings of the soul. In week 4 you will be given the keys to retrieve your lost soul energies to restore the heart, so you can become the fullest expression of yourself. The Universe loves to give you your hearts desires, but first you need to condition your heart to receive, and many women have forgotten how to receive, so week 4 is crucial to your success.
Premium course
4 Lessons

Secret Five - The Throat Chakra

Many women experience a gap between their potential versus what they feel is possible. The energy that keeps you small and invisible is often locked in the throat chakra, and once this is released, you can grow into your Authentic Self.