September 15


Why can some people heal and others remain sick?

By Grada Robertson

September 15, 2021

Why can some people heal and others remain sick?

To get an answer let’s start with an image I would like you to work with.

I want you to picture that you have 100’s of energy circuits coming into the top of your head.

This energy is called ‘life force’. (prana, chi, spirit)

The invisible world is continually transmitting energy through these circuits, and this is what keeps you alive.

Believe it or not; you are a constantly guided human creature!

Now when I work with clients, I have developed a sixth sense of your circuitry coming down through your body; and I can tell where it gets blocked.

It can be from anything, from a memory of a trauma that you should have long ago reconciled.

For example, if you have a memory of having been raped.

The part of your body that’s going to hold that memory, and consequently have a power leak is literally your second chakra or your reproductive system.

Then I can tell how much energy is going into that memory, for instance, is it 30 or 40% of the energy available to you.

We are not meant to mourn our traumas, for longer than a short period of time; but we all do it, because nobody taught us how to heal our traumatic experiences.

And this is costing us dearly.

We are financing our traumas with our life force; which is meant for living and creating health.

If it’s really a substantial memory, it takes 50% of your energy.

You are giving 50% of your juice, your lifeforce to that memory.

That leaves you 50% to manage the smooth running of your body systems.

50% for your relationships, for your immune system and for results, you crave.

Not only that, every day, you are strengthening your traumatic memory and weakening your body.

You have issues in your tissues and you are paying interest on the debt.

Pete and I specialize in clearing these traumas very quickly, so you feel light energized.

When I see the causes of disease in my clients, every disease begins below the waist in the bottom 3 chakras.

These deal with our external life and our external power.

And we spend most of our lives there in our lower 3 chakras

Our base chakra contains the energy, information, beliefs, and superstitions of our tribal database.

Epidemics are a root chakra phenomenon.

Every time we feel victimized, financially, physically, emotionally; and we blame others for our life’s circumstances, that things are done to us, we are more open to viruses.

Viruses are attracted to victim consciousness.

Any form of victimization promotes a virus.

Now the greatest thing you can do for yourself and the planet is remembering that you are NOT a victim,
that the Universe works with you, not against you, or to you, and that you are a co-creator.

For you to be healthy and empowered, your base chakra needs to be strong.

The base chakra is about your tribe, your community.

The first thing you need to do, to get out of victim consciousness and into an empowered life is to unplug yourself from people or circumstances that drain your energy.

Then plug yourself into group energy that nurtures you, that you feel safe in.

It is important to feel supported and connected by a safe community; because we are not meant to be on our own.

We are fundamentally communal creatures.

The base chakra of your body holds beliefs that say ‘things should happen according to a certain time schedule’, or according to ‘government mandates’.

These beliefs in your first chakra, are going to command your biology and your reality.

More often than not, you’ll find that your first chakra is plugged into a lot of energy that isn’t nurturing you,
and it doesn’t have your best interest at heart, but you don’t know how to break the bond.

The base chakra gets hijacked by victim mentality as well.

You are plugged into the idea that someone needs to take care of you, whether it is your boss, the government, the banks, or your spouse.

Then when things go wrong, you can blame it.

This mentality promotes viruses, physical viruses, as well as mind viruses.

Today, the time has come where the Universe is saying, ‘come on, time to take on self-creation and to move away from the peer pressures of your group!’

Be plugged in to the notion that you co-create your reality!

And that you take responsibility for where your energies are going.

If you plug yourself into the thinking of a sick society, then I promise you, you can only heal at the rate at which society is healing.

I don’t care how much organic food you eat, because the external world influences your reality that determines the rate at which your cells heal.

Instead, I suggest that you be plugged directly into the Energy of the Universe and, receive instant guidance, that can change your chemistry instantaneously.

You actually find yourself vibrating at a higher level, you feel better.

You have plugged yourself into a greater truth.

One that says: I am creative and spontaneous, and, I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I have no interference with guidance coming in.

In this video, I will show you some energy hacks that will make you feel calmer and more peaceful.

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Yours to a healthy, creative life.

Grada Robertson

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