June 7


What is your bladder trying to tell you ?

By Grada Robertson

June 7, 2023

What are your bladder issues trying to tell you about yourself?

Today, I want to decode what bladder issues could mean for you.

My little three-year-old grandson who lives with his parents under our roof, regularly wets the bed.

He sleeps in between his parents in a king size bed, and because we share the same laundry, I know that bedwetting is a real issue for Fergus.

Bedwetting occurs mostly in children and can be seen as a cry for help.

It’s like an outpouring of feelings, coming from the deep dark depths of the subconscious mind.

There may be deep grief, guilt, despair or a crushing feeling of darkness, which I call an existential darkness.

When you are in that dark, a little bit leaks out at night.

There is no other way to release the energy than to release it through the bladder.

In Fergus’s case, he couldn’t have wished for more caring secure parents who shower him with love and attention.

Being the youngest, his siblings dote on him as well.

This tells me that Fergus’s fight and flight response at night is probably coming from generational traumas or past life memories, and that he needs to have a healing session with his oma.

I will suggest it to my daughter-in-law!

The bladder houses the energy of fear, terror, deep dark despair or being petrified.

When your body gives you a bladder infection it can mean that you are uncomfortable with what you are feeling or doing in your life, creating internal conflict.

Urine and bladder issues are to do with boundaries.

Think of a dog marking his territory.

You may need to re-affirm your boundaries, or look where you are being too permissive, and plug up the leaks.

You could also be angry or pissed off with a person close to you, but keeping these feelings buried instead of expressing them, creating a sense of unresolved sadness and frustration.

When you think about it, it is rarely appropriate to express rage, grief, or terror, so these emotions often remain repressed, with nowhere to go.

You can ask yourself the following questions;

  • What feelings are getting repressed inside of me that are so hot and irritating?
  • What is making me so pissed off?
  • Is there some deep fear or grief arising?

Drink lots of pure water to flush out the bugs and dilute the emotion by shouting at the top of your voice when you are driving by yourself in the car or bashing a pillow.

This will help to clear out possible contributing factors like annoyance, irritation, sadness, powerlessness, or frustration, or feelings of timidy and wishy washy.

In the video below, I show you a practice that will remedy some of the baggage you might be carrying in your bladder system.

Whether you have issues or not, it’s worth your while clearing potential patterns and negative charges that contribute to weakness and boundary issues!

Who wouldn’t like a chance to create some good, clean space inside your body where you feel safe and energised, rather than wishing you were somewhere else all the time?

Join me for the energy shift I am going to share with you in the video.

If you continue to feel stuck, irritated, powerless or confused, or if you experience bladder issues, don’t suffer any longer, come and see me for a session, in my room or over the phone.

I am here to help you!

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Much love,

Grada Robertson

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