April 18


Unlocking the Secrets to a Peaceful Life.

By Grada Robertson

April 18, 2024

(Hint: You don’t have to control your mind to achieve inner peace)

Real inner peace doesn’t come from monitoring and altering your thoughts, in the same way that a truce isn’t equivalent to peace.

A truce is a temporary ceasefire, a brief pause in conflict, whereas real peace allows everyone to feel safe and free.

Are you tired of battling with your own mind?

 I understand.

Life should be enjoyed from a stable base of deep peace, not the fragile quiet of a temporary stop in hostilities that could resume at any moment.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and you crave the experience of calm and relaxation within your body, consider booking a session with me.

Alternatively, you might choose an 8-week comprehensive personal transformation program where I’ll guide you every step of the way as your coach and healer.

Working together, we can transform any aspect of your life.

All the different parts of you will have the opportunity to integrate into your larger nervous system, becoming allies rather than adversaries.

This can lead to many benefits:

  • Enhanced self-esteem,
  • Deepened confidence,
  • Profound insights about yourself, helping you understand your life better,
  • Lasting changes in how you think, feel, and act,
  • Reduced stress and pain, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual,
  • Increased vitality and energy,
  • Financial improvement by resolving inner blocks to abundance,
  • Unshakeable peace and calm,
  • Stronger connection to your intuition,
  • Sleeping better,
  • Much more ….

I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to live inside a body that is at peace with itself.

For the first half of my life, I adhered to being a strict ‘thought police’.

Some thoughts were forbidden (I grew up in a strict religious sect) and other thoughts had to be fought with vigilance.

This was supposed to give us peace, but the exact opposite happened to me.

I suffered from periods of severe anxiety and panic attacks, because the stricter I was, the worse I felt so I believed there was something inherently wrong with me.

When I got hit by a truck in 2006, I blamed myself.

My self esteem was so low, that I always blamed myself for every negative event that happened not only to me, but also to anyone in my family, including Pete or my six children.

I thought I deserved bad things, and when good things happened, well, that was just a fluke.

Eventually, my mind was so broken from trying to keep everything under control that I spent time in a psychiatric hospital in 2008.

Unfortunately, at the time they heavily relied on CBT, which is cognitive behavioural therapy.

I received further training in the 3 Cs: Catching, Checking and Changing each thought.

It was exhausting and created an even greater rift between my mind and body.

Thankfully, while I was losing the plot, LIFE itself had different plans for me.

There were forces at work behind the scenes that were much more powerful than the frequencies of my thinking.

So, even while I struggled with my mind, my circumstances kept unfolding for me in ways that I could never have dreamt of.

The kids grew up into wonderful adults.

While money had been tight during the first couple of decades of our marriage (due to having 6 kids no doubt) our businesses kept growing, and we ended up with 4 income streams, allowing us to travel and create a wonderful estate that we still enjoy today.

I also wrote 3 bestselling books.

All this unfolding of success happened despite my dysfunctional thinking.

Even today, Pete often laughs when he hears my reactions or slips of the tongue.

My first reaction to anything new is always catastrophic, and I have given up trying to change it.

I shower these negative parts of me with love and acceptance, knowing that I probably inherited them from my ancestors who survived WW2 and from my own childhood experiences.

We can’t heal trauma by being a bully to our own energies.

Trauma energy dissolves with compassion, understanding and Energy Medicine.

There is nothing to fight or be fearful of when it comes to our thinking, in the same way that I don’t have to fight the clouds (thoughts) in the sky.

Yes, they might block the sun for a bit, but you know that the blue sky is still there behind the clouds even if you can’t see it.

So, the moral of the story is that our thoughts will always keep tricking us.

That is the nature of our mind, it’s the great trickster.

Retire your thought police and become your own best friend instead.

Use the power of your imagination to dream up bigger dreams.

Ask yourself better questions.

If you are unhappy with a situation, ask yourself: ‘what do I want instead of this?

And commit to getting very clear on what you want.

It’s most likely something you haven’t thought of for eons!

Always ask yourself the question: why is this happening FOR me?

Rather than why is this happening TO me.

This will begin to change everything for you.

And if you are ready to accelerate your journey to happiness, book in for a session with me today.

People often want to know how it feels when they receive energetic healing from me.

The most common sensation that my clients experience during sessions include feeling heat, tingling, sometimes pain moving out, coldness, a burning sensation, or a vibration moving through their body.

Sometimes clients spontaneously cry, shiver, or their body makes jerky movements.

This is all a sign of ‘unwinding’ stress and creating new healthy spaciousness and flow of energy in the body.

Afterwards, clients feel light, peaceful, clean, bouncy, tired, relaxed, purified, clearer and as if they have been freed up.

The truth is, that you are now more connected to your inner Core, which consists of love and light.

During sessions when I transmit energy your body intelligence directs the life force to specific areas of your body, and it also directs positive supportive energy to different areas of your life where you might experience a blockage, e.g your relationships or your money flow.

Supportive energy will keep flowing into these areas of your life, carrying you to a bigger brighter future.

I have seen this thousands of times!

Sessions work for people of all ages, including newborns and the elderly.

You can receive energy and laser coaching from the safety of your own home via Zoom/phone or at our facilities in Forth.

Looking forward to helping you find your path to peace.

Much love,

Grada Robertson

About the author

Grada Robertson is the author of ‘You Are The Miracle! How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life’ which has inspired many women to step into their personal power.
Grada loves working with conscious, creative female entrepreneurs who want to make great money on their terms.
"My core purpose is to accelerate spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness."

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