The Underbelly

The Underbelly is an enthralling account of the dark night of the soul.

Discover why author, Grada Robertson, believes embracing the truth of our past is the only way we can hope to be free of pain in the present. Grada was raised in a church that taught her there was only ONE WAY to live and members were told exactly how to follow it.

This church purposely took no name and had a large global following, yet few outsiders have heard of it and most members are oblivious of its true history. It took being hit by a truck, which led to a near death experience, being paralysed, and making a torturous recovery from PTSD and Panic Disorder for Grada to see there was an unsavoury underbelly to her existence that she’d been blind to.

The NDE was a true gift. Within Seconds, all my cells became light-filled and my nervious system did a complete reset. I didn't want to ever leave that place of unconditional love - until I remembered I had six children who needed a mum.

Snap! I was back in my body.

In the space of a few minutes, I experienced heaven and hell. Somewhere in between, I heard a whisper, 'Learn something from this experience, or it will happen again.'


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The Underbelly is a remarkable story showing a powerful way of healing from PTSD and other significant traumas in order to create true inner peace. Grada’s story will inspire not only those with physical or emotional challenges, but also those seeking spiritual understanding and true freedom.

Rachael Jayne Groover,
Founder of The Awakened School, Author 'Powerful and Feminine'

Grada writes in a way that makes me feel like I’m walking beside her, encouraging her. When Grada told me she wanted to write about her mental health challenges after being hit by a truck, her healing journey,
and how that led to her finally leaving the strict sect she’d been born into, I expected a dramatic read—but that’s Grada’s magic. Grada weaves her story with grace and ease, making it accessible and enjoyable.
Prepare to open your heart to what is truly possible in life

Karen Collyer, Editor, Intuitive Counsellor, Author Shame, Guilt and Surviving Martin Bryant and Hermione’s Hope

Raw and passionate, Grada takes her readers on a journey of astounding inspiration. Her story is proof of the healing power that exists within all of us.

Teresa La Monica, Holistic Practitioner, BHlthSc Dip Kinesiology.

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The Underbelly

It was time to face the music. Had I really learnt enough from the accident to prevent something similar from happening? 

As the story grew and You Are the Miracle unfolded, I started to see patterns within patterns. Heading to the finish line, I realized that even though I’d had a difficult life, with many trials and tribulations and highs and lows, my purpose had been much greater than all the aches and pains I’d ever felt.

But it wasn’t the full story.

‘There’s more to it!’ my soul urged.

‘But I’m confused about my message!’ my small self protested. ‘Why bother? It’s all been said and done before—my story isn’t unique! No one needs to hear from me …’ In the end, my soul’s calling got the better of my insecurities and I took a week off in 2018 to start The Underbelly. I wrote half of it and got stuck, as I felt the message was too dark.

The Underbelly is about the most painful chapter of my life, where I had to tear myself apart, piece by piece, until nothing was left standing. It had started with the MVA (motor vehicle accident), which symbolically shattered my existence as I’d known it. Then later, just when I thought I’d made a miraculous comeback, I ended up in a psychiatric hospital. I needed another few years of self-punishing behaviours while I was going through my dark night of the soul, culminating in another close brush with death in 2013, before I was able to rise above the divisions of my childhood and walk away from The Truth/the Two by Two Sect, to arrive at a place of deep inner peace, freedom and wholeness.

I invite you into my story.

Introducing the Author:

Grada Robertson

A gifted healer, practitioner, and researcher in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness, Grada Robertson and her husband and fellow practitioner, Peter, live on nine idyllic acres of landscaped gardens, mazes, and forest, which they share with a beloved menagerie of animals in Forth, Tasmania.

In her practice, Grada uses her intuitive prowess to perceive illness and energetic blocks in a person’s body, then guides her clients through self-healing processes to create positive change.

Clients come to Grada from all over the world, and from many other practitioners and health professionals. As Grada experienced for herself after she was literally hit by a truck in 2006, working with the energetic body and the mind are essential ingredients for long-term healing emotionally and physically.

Grada believes our willingness to look at all aspects of self, that which we have created during our lifetime, and the parts we have inherited from our ancestors, creates the pathway to greater happiness and better relationships, particularly with ourselves.

Devonport Book awardS

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A Breath away

Death was just one tiny breath away.Those first ten days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) post-accident, that’s how it was. It took all I had just to keep breathing, one painful breath after another, waiting for the seconds to turn into minutes andminutes into hours, putting as much time as possible between me andthe accident. I didn’t know humans could withstand so much suffering!

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