March 29


Hurtful memories are heavy burdens.

By Grada Robertson

March 29, 2023

Hurtful memories are heavy burdens.

They get in the way of us having the life we deserve, because suppressing these memories takes a lot of energy.

Not only that, the hurt can make us doubt ourselves, lose confidence, needing approval from others, insecure and unworthy.

Identifying and clearing emotional traumas is a big part of my work.

Today, I want to take you through a practice that you can do over and over, so you become a ‘self cleansing mechanism’ and you feel lighter each time you do it.

Let me explain that the most painful thing about any trauma is that nobody ‘held you’ while you were hurt or tormented.

You were ignored, abandoned or dismissed.

With no other human to comfort you, your body had to literally put its arms around you/itself.

It wrapped the memory up inside your brain, or your belly, or your muscles, or your ears, or eyes, or lungs, or liver.

Days, months, years, or decades may have passed.

You have long forgotten the incident, but your body is still holding onto the hurt very tightly.

The trapped energy from every negative emotion is inside your tissues, shortening your life span, eroding your immune system, and getting in the way of your happiness or success.

Many years ago, I suffered from acute PTSD.

It was so bad, I even spent time in a psychiatric hospital.

Fortunately, I knew how I had brought on the PTSD and panic disorder.

I had been hit by a truck and left ‘for dead’ on the road by a truck driver, who happened to be Dutch as well in 2006.

I bore many similarities to incidents in my childhood, that I thought I had healed, but obviously I hadn’t gone deep enough.

To recover from my injuries, I tried to think positive, and have thoughts of gratitude, and imagined myself fully healed, living my dream life.

This worked well for the first 18 months and then it stopped working for me.

My mind was broken.

It couldn’t think another positive thought.

Instead, I had one terrifying thought after another, until I couldn’t eat or sleep anymore.

I had spiralled down into deep PTSD.

I believed all my negative thoughts, and lived under a heavy cloud of doom and darkness.

In this state, positive thinking had very little power to change anything.

I knew that ‘what you resist persists” so in the end, I simply had to surrender to the endless bouts of terror, fear and catastrophes that were welling up from the depths of my body.

The best thing I ever did was allowing myself to drop into the darkness and keep dropping and dropping.

The more I opened myself up, the blacker it got.

I opened myself up as best as I could (in my broken state) and pulled every negative emotion closer to me, instead of fighting it off.

All of a sudden, it became lighter and lighter.

The relief was incredible but would only last for a short while.

Then the anxiety would slowly build panic and 20 minutes later, I had to do the same practice again.

I kept following the same process over and over.

I continued to do it whenever fear, anxiety, pain or depression appeared.

Each time I did it, the PTSD go weaker, and over many years, it almost completely dissolved.

Since that time, I have used the same practice for any negative feeling that arises, and I also use it to dissolve aches and pains in my body.

Bodily sensations can dissolve quickly when we don’t resist them, but when we invite them in instead.

You can use this welcoming practice for anything that makes you feel bad, limited, anxious, depressed, and also to dissolve old and new trauma.

Welcoming is the opposite to resisting.

Welcoming frees you from emotional stuckness, and allows you to change your life for the best in every possible way.

Even if the negative feeling, or hurtful memory comes back, keep surrendering.

The feeling will never be as strong again, and every time you do it, you release more energy that can be used for LIVING, rather than surviving.

You can read the full story of my accident and recovery in my books:

You are the Miracle! how being hit by a truck saved my life; this is followed by “The Underbelly”, and lastly: Alchemy of Love.

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Much love as always,

Grada Robertson

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