February 22


How can you attract lots of good luck consistently ?

By Grada Robertson

February 22, 2023

Why are some people always showered by good fortune and others aren’t?

Did you know it is all to do with being open or closed to receiving?

And that this boils down to a skill that you can learn?

Today, I am going to give you a taste of how to become a powerful receiver.

First, let me explain that there is a difference between being a receiver and being a ‘taker’.

Nobody likes to be seen or known as a taker, and for good reason.

Being a taker often means you are almost ‘stealing’ something (energy or belongings) that are not yours.

This isn’t a good thing.

However, being a powerful receiver is a great thing.

When you are in a state of receiving, EVERYONE benefits, because you are opening yourself up to the flow of support and infinite abundance.

On the other hand, when you are cut off from the receiving experience, you can spiral down into procrastination, stagnation, putting the brakes on, worrying over trivial things, overworking, pushing too hard, faking it until you are making it and so on.

These behaviours, which were drilled into us from early childhood, cut us off from our ability to be in a receptive state.

We are operating from fear because we are not feeling held by the Universe or Source.

Becoming a powerful receiver means practicing being open to the Universe, rather than being closed to the flow of abundance and support that is all around us.

We are the ones that open or close the tap to the flow!

All it takes is awareness and a little bit of practice.

So, let’s have a ‘feeling experience’ of being open to receiving and closed to receiving.

When you are closed, you are opening the door to worry, doubt, and stress.

When you are open to receive, you are in a powerful flow, you feel supported no matter what you are doing, or what curveballs you are facing.

When you feel supported, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to, without burning out.

The fact is that all good things you want to achieve are hard in the beginning.

So, it’s not about you having everything easy in your life.

It’s about you doing hard things that matter the most to you while you’re in a really strong state of receptivity.

This is a real game changer for many of the clients I have worked with, so today I am going to share a practice with you that gives you a little taste of being a powerful receiver.

In a nutshell: fear, anxiety and worry come from you being disconnected from a place of receptivity.

Less receptivity equals more stress, worry, fear, avoidance, noise, chaos and drama.

More receptivity equals more ease, comfort, connection, happiness, peace, quietness of the mind, courage to take the next step, accomplishing more while ‘doing’ less.

Let’s begin!

Tune in to the video below.

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Grada Robertson

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Grada Robertson is the author of ‘You Are The Miracle! How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life’ which has inspired many women to step into their personal power.
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