Discover your Feminine Fortune -Online Course

Discover Your Feminine Fortune 

We're excited to offer this premium 8 week live coaching experience where Grada will teach you the Feminine Principles to making money so you can be abundant in all areas of your life while feeling radiant and magnetic..

Do you want to make more money by doing less, so you have energy to spare to create memories with your family and friends? Do you want to scale your income so you can up-level your life? Do you want to access your internal wealth blueprint, so you can make money and have more impact? Would you like to escape the internal pressure that keeps you feeling flat, frustrated and burnt out?

If so, then you are going to LOVE this program.  It is time to re-write your money story so you can start living your BEST life!

What is the Discover Your Feminine Fortune Program?


  • 8 Weekly 90-minute live training workshops with Grada via Zoom
  • 24/7 access to the private portal housing all recordings, worksheets and resources.
  • Bonus guided meditations to create a foundation for getting ahead.
  • An exclusive private facebook group for community interaction with likeminded women, where you can post your celebrations, challenges and observations.
  • Access to my entire vault of You Are The Miracle FM! With hours and hours of video recordings to light you up.

If this sounds like you, come and work with me..

I have worked with 10,000+ women and helped them create lives that satisfied their souls and nourished their bodies.

I developed this program as a result of helping them to close the gap between fantasy land (trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results) and real tangible results.

Once you start applying the content of this program, opportunities and ‘lucky coincidences’ begin to fall into your lap at the perfect time.

People will start to remark how you are glowing with positive energy.

As your connection with money improves, you will experience a positive shift in energy within all your deep and meaningful relationships.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the feminine aspect of success and wealth, that most women will never get to experience.

I work different to standard money coaches because I have heightened psychic and intuitive skills, which show me exactly where your abundance flow is blocked and how to release it, which saves us precious time and energy.

Not sure yet if this program is for you?  

Why not Book Your Complimentary 15 minute Money Clarity coaching call with Grada

During our time together you can expect:

  • RE- programming your entire Mind/Body system for high level abundance
  • You will discover the real reasons why you experience money stress, and how to break out of the rut and become a magnet for money, health, and wealth.
  • I will laser coach you to release your primary money blocks very easily, so you can have the wonderful income you want.
  • I give you loads of practical tools, trainings and energy hacks that will lead you into a fulfilled life, where your money keeps looking after you, instead of you being controlled by money.
  • I show you how to shift you out of old masculine ways of making money, and into new feminine ways of wealth creating, leaving you feeling and looking amazing!
  • I will be showing you how to live without the fear, comparisons, and self-judgments that our egos try to beat us down with, so you can step into your unlimited potential and happiness in every area of your life.
  • You will receive and energy scan of your home, business, workplace and other areas of your life, so see if there is energy that stagnates your progress.
  • You will receive and immediate cleanse of all unsupportive energies, so powerful support flows into your life.

And all this is only the beginning…. There will be so much more as we journey through these 8 weeks together.

Who is this for?

  • Are you a purpose driven woman who feels the call to level up, but have a glitch in your money flow?
  • Are you sick of seeing others making more money or having more impact than you are?
  • Do you procrastinate during the day and then lie awake at night, going over your mental to do lists, worrying about time/energy constraints?
  • Do you feel uneasy, because you know that you are undervaluing and underearning and not doing anything about it?
  • Do you want real tools and techniques to get tangible results?
  • Are you itching to have more money, freedom, influence and abundance?
  • Are you ready to shake up your status quo, to take a deep dive into your Core Programs and release the brakes, so you can start to thrive?
  • Are you ready to SHIFT GEARS and dramatically change your money flow?
  • I am here to show you the way, and to hold your hand throughout the next 8 weeks.
  • Expect miracles to unfold!


But if you want me to break it down for you:

  • Discover Your Feminine Fortune is valued at $5000
  • Membership in a Vibrant, Private Facebook Group where I wrap my arms around you $500
  • Access to my You Are The Miracle FM vault, containing 30+ hours of video trainings of practical tools, spiritual insights and energy hacks to help you stay in a state of high vibrational frequency – invaluable



I have a special offer for you!
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Just $997

Or 2 monthly payments of $525

Course includes:

  • 8 Live Group Coaching sessions with Grada
  • Downloadable recordings and Action Guides
  • Membership in a Group of Heart Centred like-minded women on Facebook
  • 24/7 access to the Content Dashboard
  • You're just 30 seconds away from beginning an exciting new journey in personal development.


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