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Are you an ambitious female entrepreneur who is feeling the call to level up?

Then this is for you...

Hi, I'm Grada...

In Jan 2006, my life changed forever.

I got struck down by a passing truck. The impact was so huge and unexpected that I had near death experience.

I could see my smashed body below me, crumpled on the road.

I knew that I would need 3 HUGEmiracles to get my life back!

The first miracle to make full recovery

The second miracle avert bankruptcy. 

Pete had just left his job, and we had taken out a second mortgage to build a new clinic. Now we were left with massive debts and no income.

The third miracle was for my 6 children, who ranged from 11 to 23. They were at a criticalage where they needed their mum to help them navigate life.

I made a pact with the Universe. I would take 100% responsibility for my recovery, and the life lessons involved, and the Universe would grant me miracles.

At the Alfred Trauma hospital, I was told that the chances of me walking again were very slim. If I survived, (and that was a big IF) I would need a colostomy bag and self-catheterize for the rest of my life.

Once the surgeons finished putting my body back together,

my recovery was entirely up tome.

The Universe kept its word.

I was back at work in May, 5 months after the accident.

I resumed my role as a full-time mum 12 weeks after the accident.

We got our new facilities up and running in 2007, a year later than planned.

From 2007 to 2010 our income ten folded and since then we have pumped millions of dollars into the local community.

My children grew up to be awesome human beings, and

between them they have 6 successful businesses.

I wanted to know why some of us can get out of pain very quickly, and others are nursing the same heartbreak and injuries for years.

The same with our money situation. We all take a hit sometimes, but some people keep bumping along the bottom and others make a successful comeback.

Are miracles repeatable? I believe so.

That’s what my book is about!

People think that I have ‘special powers”. They are right.

I do have special powers, and so do you! Perhaps you

don’t know how to tap into them.

You may not have realized that you have access to these ‘superpowers’

that can change anything in your life, as easy as I have.

That you can turn your life-force and your money flow up as I do.

The thing is, there is an art and science behind every Miracle.

You can either unconsciously block the flow of Miracles

or step into the flow of Miracles.

This art and science can be applied to any aspect of your life and I have helped 10000’s of women achieve their goals and dreams by following my example.

What worked for me works for you!

I invite you to read the ‘inside story” by clicking on the link below.

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  Here's What People Are Saying...

"Thank you so much... I feel like you've changed my life!" - Alex Durkin

"The best thing about working with Grada is that she's super psychic and intuitive, so you don't have to give her a lot of details about your problem"

- Chelsea Rheese

"She got to the root cause of the matter within just one session"

- Vanessa Montgomery

"I can already see my life changing... Now I'm attracting

more abundance and support..." - Danielle Ashley

           Dianna Mannion

Hi there Grada!
You were right, our last session was massive! It took a few weeks to re-adjust and simmer down, and now I’m experiencing lots of changes in my physical reality..  I’m moving this week (again lol) and I’ve started a new job, I went to my first acting audition and got an ensemble role, I’ve been doing breathwork every day and I’m loving it, I reconnected with a soul friend and my relationship with Mum is better than I could have ever dreamed of. I’m socialising more and connecting more deeply with the people around me, and my relationship with myself and my self love has elevated completely.
This year has been transformative beyond belief for me. I’ve been doing self-development/spiritual work for 6-7 years, but 2020 has shifted more than I thought possible. And I trace that back to our first session together back in March, where you shone a light on my soul for me to see myself clearly.  Thank you so much for helping me. You opened my heart to see the love I am worthy of. I am so grateful and blessed to have worked with you. All the love, Dani xxxx

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As You Can See...

This Book 

Around The World to Unlock The Success They Desire...


Like I mentioned earlier the book is FREE on this page but it retails for $39.95 on Amazon... 

There Is NO CATCH!

I get it, you're probably wondering why we would give away so much Value for FREE like this. 

So let me be honest as to what this is really all about...

  • A few years ago... I read a book that had a near death experience that changed my life. Since that day my life, my trajectory and my finances have never been the same - I simply want to pass on my insights.
  • And also - You may become a client one day... I haven't held anything back in the book. I see this as an amazing way for us to start our relationship and perhaps we will end up working together one day - I'm simply putting my best foot forward.  

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Kind Regards,

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  • You Are The Miracle eBook: How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life ($XX.XX VALUE)
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  • Money At Your Fingertips Video Training & PDF that teaches how you to use hand reflexology to access your Money Blueprint which is stored in your Chakra System. ($47 VALUE)

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