November 3


Activate Your Feminine Power …

By Grada Robertson

November 3, 2023

Do you sometimes feel that you have gotten to a certain point in your life and now there is little progress?

You have become stuck?

And, you don’t know how to break free from the invisible barriers that are holding you back?

I want you to meet Jacqui.

This is exactly what happened to her.

She contacted me because she felt emotionally and physically drained and she was confused as to why she couldn’t reach her next income goal, when she was doing all the right things.

It was making her feel uncertain, overwhelmed, and anxious.

I am known as the psychic problem solver to my clients and Jacqui was prepared to do the deep inner work with me.

After one session, she already noticed an immediate difference in her BEING, she felt lighter, calmer, and more in charge.

This was reflected in her money flow.

I continued to teach her how to become receptive to the floodgates of abundance.

Within a noticeably short period of time, she hit new targets, and this was done without all the struggle and striving that had made her so tired before.

So, let me ask you…..

  • DO you long for more success AND feel more vibrant and attractive at the same time?
  • DO you want to do your soul’s purpose, and feel healthy so you can give you and your family a wonderful life?

I know what it’s like to have unconscious sabotages.

It’s awful.

In fact it nearly cost me my life when I was hit by a truck.

That was the BIGGEST WAKE UP CALL a person could ask for.

But, it also gave me the insights and psychic powers to help other humans to make a comeback from just about anything…… yes even financially!

Listen to Jacqui: “I reached out to Grada for help and support as I was really confused. I had no idea I was sabotaging myself because of something that happened in the past; but now my business started making 6 figures and I worked less hours than I ever did before.”

I believe you have unique gifts to share with others and unconscious blocks, health issues, burnout, stress, anxiety or overwhelm can stop you from having the impact you desire.

Most women don’t realise they have something internally holding them back, because it’s so hard to see your own internal blocks.

If you’re out there working hard and doing everything to show others that you’re fine and you’re NOT making the wonderful income you want,  there is a block somewhere and we need to change that.

Women often think it’s normal to have digestive issues, migraines, neck, shoulder, and back pain when creating a 6 figure business.

I am here to tell you that you can have WEALTH AS WELL AS HEALTH!

You can be successful and juicy and vibrant.

If your body is giving you pain, like headaches or hormonal upsets, or IBS etc. and you just keep taking medication to make it go away, you are trading short term gain for long term pain.

Eventually, the symptoms will get much worse and you could even get to the stage of not being able to work at all.

So let me help you!

After pioneering with thousands of women, I discovered and developed specific practices, tools and principles that activate the Feminine Power.

I put the best of these practices and energy hacks together to create the Discover Your Feminine Fortune program.

During my 8-week online course, I will guide you step by step through the process of unleashing the power Feminine Fortune to change your life.

Once you understand how to do this, you can repeat these processes again and again, creating a forcefield of ‘good fortune’ around you, where you begin to attract true love, health and wealth easily.

This is what you are going to experience during the 8 week program:

Week 1:

Unlock the revolutionary system of Feminine Power. Discover where it started in your base chakra system, how it got stuck, and what to focus on to liberate it. Once the flow is restored, it becomes at least 10x easier for you to manifest and create what you want.

Week 2:

Because, many women find themselves pulled in all different directions, you will be shown how to ‘stop the energy leaks’ by strengthening the sacral chakra. This important portal houses our most sacred, infinite, feminine fortune energy. Trauma and neglect cause this energy to freeze over, and this becomes our number one inner barrier to success. In week 2 we begin to ‘defrost’ the feminine power centre, so miracles start flowing.

Week 3:

We release the number two inner barrier to success: the root feelings of isolation and loneliness that stopped you from accessing the resources and support from your solar plexus portal. Once we activate this energy, incredible support and confidence will flow to you.

Week 4:

The portal of the heart. Many women have given their lives in sacrifice to others. The feminine heart chakra is the seat of many deep hidden yearnings of the soul. In week 4 you will be given the keys to retrieve your lost soul energies to restore the heart, so you can become the fullest expression of yourself. The Universe loves to give you your hearts desires, but first you need to condition your heart to receive, and many women have forgotten how to receive, so week 4 is crucial to your success.

Week 5:

Many women experience a gap between their potential versus what they feel is possible. The energy that keeps you small and invisible is often locked in the throat chakra, and once this is released, you can grow into your Authentic Self.

Week 6:

Be the visionary woman you were born to be, rather than worrying about creating the correct ‘work/life’ balance. Once the energy of the third eye, or sixth chakra is activated, all your problem will seem small because you have unleashed your Feminine Brilliance.

Week 7:

The energy of self-actualization is often hampered by a disconnect in the crown chakra. During week 7, we open this power portal with the Feminine Energy, and once you make this shift, you will have the power to create anything in your life. You will be in the ‘Flow of Fortune’.

Week 8

Offers you tools and practices to remain in direct and clear communication to your intuition, your Inner Wise Woman. Once this connection is flowing with the energy of your Feminine Fortune, your life will be one big adventure.

Did you know that feeling supported by a group of likeminded women takes all the hard work out of getting results?

We become like geese flying in formation.

When they fly like that, they can go 70% further and faster than they could on their own, so let’s do this together!

Many of my previous students say they have never felt the kind of love, trust, and support that they received during the workshops.

This energy fosters powerful and lasting transformation.

As a result of Discovering their Feminine Fortune, women have released lifelong negative habits, enjoyed new intimacy, created businesses, swapped careers, forged new relationships, improved their health, increased their money flow and accomplished many things in a short time.

If you Enrol today, you receive two additional bonuses for being and action taker.

  • You will receive the audiobook “You are the Miracle!’ How being hit by a truck saved my life”.
  • As well as the complete Money Mastery selfpaced online program for FREE.

Or, email us ([email protected]) for more information or to arrange a 10 minute call with me to discuss to program with you.

Take action today – call us on 03 6428 3007, (Tuesday, Wednesday Or Thursday); alternatively, you can, also, go online though our websites – Purple House Wellness Centre and Grada Robertson.

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Much love,

Grada Robertson

About the author

Grada Robertson is the author of ‘You Are The Miracle! How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life’ which has inspired many women to step into their personal power.
Grada loves working with conscious, creative female entrepreneurs who want to make great money on their terms.
"My core purpose is to accelerate spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness."

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