April 3


8 steps to being happy and abundant from the inside out.

By Grada Robertson

April 3, 2024

Have you ever felt that you are missing out on ‘blessings’ that other people around you seem to receive ‘for no good reason?”

Do you secretly wonder when it’s going to be your turn?

Perhaps, you are a smart, conscious woman, but you find yourself in patterns of over giving and under rewarded?

You might have a desire to feel radiant, alive, confident and at home in your body, but you need a roadmap.

Are you feeling ready to make a bigger difference on the planet while also being able to make more money and experience more freedom?

Well, today, I’m thrilled to share a fantastic opportunity with you, for you.

I am so excited to invite you to participate in my upcoming program “Discover your Feminine Fortune” where you will be held, supported, loved & lead into greater peace, happiness and abundance.

Now, you might be worried that it’s going to take more effort and energy, and you are already at full capacity.

You don’t know how to squeeze another thing in.

If you are reading this message now, I want to reassure you that timing is always perfect!

And, you won’t be giving out energy, you will be receiving energy the whole time!

During the weekly sessions, we are going to tap into your Master System step by step, starting at the bottom of the ladder, which is your Base Chakra.

The Base Chakra is all about your relationship with Money, Time and Food.

They are all bundled up together.

As soon as we tune into this Master Centre together the energy of Infinite consciousness permeates your whole being spreading through your whole body to the whole space around you, transforming your life from the inside out.

You will experience a sense of expansion, upliftment and aliveness which will be reflected in your bank account.

Then we move onto the next rung on the ladder, the Sacral or Second Chakra, which holds the keys to your creativity and feminine power.

Every week, we dive deep into one centre of your master system and clear the glitches.

This workshop is all about supporting you to transform stress and overwhelm into unshakable inner peace, that is felt in your mind and body.

Here are some of the key points:

  • You get to feel the flow of your own energy and learn how to amplify it at will.
  • Empower you to transform your limiting unconscious programs to unlock your innate healing potential.
  • Allow the energy of infinite love and gratitude awakening to the secret code of your mind and body.
  • Jumpstart and fast forward your personal growth.
  • Stop the unconsciously siphoning of your energy everywhere and help you to find it again.
  • You will have an all-round wonderful experience of being held, supported, inspired and seen by a group of heart centred loving ‘soul sisters’.
  • You will learn how to open up to the flow of miracles/good fortune.
  • You will let go of dusty old habits that no longer serve you and replace them with new life enhancing ones.  

Did you know that money is the energy of appreciation?

When was the last time you felt loved, and appreciated?

During the Discover your Feminine Fortune program, we are going to get up and personal to our deepest, neglected, rejected parts of ourselves so they can be brought into the light of our awareness, feel appreciated and begin to shine.

We are going to uncover our hidden internal diamonds!

You can see these 8 weeks as 8 steps to being happy and abundant from the inside out.

I have been so deeply blessed to spend the last decades of my life helping people live truly happier and healthier lives.

It is the most fulfilling work to be able to guide people to live the life of their dreams.

Now it’s your turn!

The world needs you to live in a field of positive energy and happiness now more than ever.

When you raise your tide, your raise all the little boats in your life!

Don’t get left behind.

Happiness, health and wealth is teachable, and you can learn it from me.

I know this is meant for you!

So looking forward to being with you soon,

Much love,


Grada Robertson, co-founder of the Purple House Wellness Centre, boasts a 25-year track record of excellence as a master healer and mindset coach, having positively impacted the lives of over 20,000 clients and students.

Her journey to becoming a renowned figure in the transformational industry took a profound turn in 2006 when she survived a life-altering accident involving a truck.

This near-death experience not only heightened her intuitive abilities but also accelerated her recovery from severe spinal injuries, allowing her to resume her healing work within a mere six months.

Dedicating her life to the psychology of empowerment, she has sought guidance from esteemed leaders in the field, such as Ted James, Paul Blackburn, Jack Canfield, Philip Rafferty, Rachael Jayne Groover, Brendon Bays, Ben Harvey, Marissa Russo, AJ Amex, and Steve @ Biomedx, Inna Segal and many more.

Her relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth has led her to traverse the globe in search of innovative techniques to enhance not only her own life but also to help people like you.

Grada’s expertise has garnered attention from local newspapers, radio stations, and online platforms, solidifying her status as a best-selling author on Amazon.

Her published works include “You Are the Miracle: How Being Hit by a Truck Saved My Life,“The Underbelly: How Your Past Holds the Keys to Today’s Freedom,” and “Alchemy of Love: How to Reclaim Your Innate Wisdom in Partnership with the Universe.”

Driven by a mission to empower individuals to transcend their setbacks and lead abundant, purpose-filled lives, Grada specializes in facilitating rapid transformations for both men and women seeking to elevate every aspect of their existence.

By delving into their blind spots and uncovering the root causes of their challenges, she equips her clients with the clarity, confidence, and tools necessary to pursue their passions, cultivate thriving relationships, and attain holistic well-being.

In essence, Grada Robertson serves as a inspiration of hope and inspiration, guiding others on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment, ultimately enabling them to manifest their deepest desires and embrace a future brimming with health, wealth, and happiness.

Grada Robertson

About the author

Grada Robertson is the author of ‘You Are The Miracle! How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life’ which has inspired many women to step into their personal power.
Grada loves working with conscious, creative female entrepreneurs who want to make great money on their terms.
"My core purpose is to accelerate spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness."

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