October 20


5 Tools to raise your vibration!

By Ashleigh Harris

October 20, 2021

You can never be happy enough.

Happiness and joy are your internal guidance system, letting you know you are on track or not.

No joy = you are removed from your soul purpose.

But rather than beginning a search for your soul purpose, you can slip in through the back door, by doing these 5 practices.

When you up-level your joy, your purpose will become clear.

Before I show you these 5 tips, I want to remind you of what happens to a crab when it is caught.

If you have one crab in a bucket, it will climb its way out.

But if you have 2 crabs in a bucket, one will start climbing its way to freedom, and the other one will keep pulling it down, so they both end up in the pot.

They never escape.

It is so important today to not buy into the doom and gloom.

Don’t put your happiness and joy secondary!

When you listen to the other crabs in the bucket and you are bombarded by negativity, you could easily be led to believe that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

If you stay in that zone, it will drain all your energy, motivation, and creativity to get the results you want in your life.

So here are 5 powerful tools that you can use to cultivate more joy and more happiness in your life, and express all the beauty that life has to offer.

Now, these are quick and easy tools that you can use any time of the day, to turn your energy, raise your vibration and put a big old smile on your face.

1. The first tool is gratitude.

When you actively practice it every day, you will be amazed at the impact it will have on your life.

Even just repeating the words “loving gratitude” with your hand on your heart center boosts your immune system by 50%.

a. When you practice gratitude, you realize that your life is bursting with miracles from the beauty of the natural world around you, to the gift of friends and family, to having fresh water on tap, and everything else that is free and at your fingertips today.

b. This dramatically raises your vibration, it makes it so much easier for you to cultivate a state of joy, and more happiness in everything you do.

2. A very powerful affirmation is: I am open to gifts.

This will train your energy systems to release tension and allow for the universe to bring you help and support.

I guarantee you’ll find yourself getting less irritated or frustrated with the people and the events that are beyond your control.

3. Now, another powerful tool is meditation.

Meditation helps you maintain a joy-focused mindset.

Meditation allows you to become more aware of your thoughts, so you can release the ones that don’t serve you and hold on to the ones that guide you in the direction you want to go.

I will take you through a meditation in the video below, and you can listen to it every day, so you can add it into your daily routine.

4. Practice self-care as much as possible.

A lot of people think that taking care of themselves first, is selfish, but really, it’s the best thing you can do to help others, as well as yourself.

Make sure you take the time to eat healthily, get enough sleep, exercise, having baths, getting a massage, have a healing session with Pete or me, spend time with people you love.

These are really necessities.

When you keep your energies humming, you can help others as well.

5. Now finally, I have one last suggestion to share with you – Give yourself an ear massage.

It’s something I often do, it sounds kind of crazy, but it’s really powerful.

All you have to do is massage your ears, and you will give your entire body a boost of energy.

There are 700 vital points on the ears, that balance every part of your body.

The key thing is to do it!

It is so simple that it is easy to do, and easy not to do.

When you do it, you’ll find the physiological shift will take place in your body.

It releases endorphins which are your body’s feel-good hormones.

It also decreases the hormones that cause stress and can boost your immune system and improve your resistance to disease, which is valuable right now.

It even improves your heart health, and it burns calories.

So if you’re looking for a way to add more joy and happiness to your life I encourage you to do all these 5 tips.

You’ll be amazed at how good it makes you feel.

Thanks for watching let me know which one of these ideas you’ve tried.

Looking forward to hearing what your own personal practice for creating more happiness is for you, daily.

Please share it in the comments below.

I love being inspired by your ideas.

If you happen to find this video helpful, please make sure you share it with a friend who may need it right now.

For additional tools and videos on how to experience more joy and happiness in life, make sure to check out Grada’s blog on my website.

There’s a ton of great stuff there!

Much love,

Ashleigh Harris

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