May 31


10 Hidden Meanings of Headaches

By Grada Robertson

May 31, 2023

Your body is always trying to tell you something about yourself, whether you believe it or not.

If you (or a loved one) suffer from headaches, here is a different way of looking at it.

1. You’re overloading yourself.

There are too many things you are trying to do, and these activities don’t resonate with your actual needs.

You might too easily get caught up in other people’s stressful experiences and don’t know when to draw the line.

The universe is telling you to let go of being overly responsible, stop being everything to everybody, and allow some of your attention and energy to flow to yourself.

Stop regularly during the day and check in where your focus is and shift it back to the present moment, into your Inner Being.

2. Incessant worrying.

Worrying can easily trigger a migraine.

Anxiety and depression go hand-on-hand with worry, so if you start to have sharp pains in your head, your body is telling you to take a step back and create some space to breathe!

No matter how much worrying you do, it won’t change the circumstances you are concerned about.

Worry is a misuse of your imagination.

Make yourself a hot drink, turn on some music, or go for a walk outside, listen to a podcast, read a novel, or anything else that helps you to clear your mind and shift your perspective.

Sometimes worrying about others allows you to not think about life too deeply.

It can be an addiction, that helps you stay on the surface level of things.

3. You’ve lost track.

The universe has a way of reeling us back in when we veer too far off our intended life path.

If you start experiencing visual disturbances or develop sensitivity to light, you might need to refocus, revisit your vision, get clarity, and remove any distractions from your life.

Focus on the things that matter to your heart and soul.

It’s ok if you don’t know what really matters to you yet.

Most of us have been so caught up in the rat race that we haven’t given ourselves time to really consider if we are living ‘on purpose’ or whether we are living somebody else’s dream (your parents, spouse, sibling, or your childhood role model).

A headache can indicate deep conflict.

You don’t want to be in your current circumstances anymore, but you don’t know what your next step is.

4. You’re having a spiritual awakening.

Confusion is akin to anxiety, and often precedes an ‘awakening’.

If you are starting a spiritual journey, a headache could be a sign that you are in the first stage.

This is part of the process.

Your body might be releasing toxins as it is moving into a different frequency, one that supports a new perspective of life.

See it as a shedding of unnecessary layers.

5. You’re holding on to anger or irritation.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s the benefit of me suppressing anger, rage, frustration, or hatred?
  • How does it keep me safe?
  • What happened in the past when I expressed myself?
  • What would happen if I expressed my anger?

Show yourself lots of compassion while you sit with these questions.

Did you know there are safe ways to express your anger?

Here are some:

1. Note the intensity of your anger from 1 to 10, ten being super angry.

Now inhale through your mouth, and exhale through your nose.

Do this 5 times and notice how your anger has subsided a bit.

Keep doing this till you feel calmer and more restful.

Hint: this is not suppressing your anger, this is dissolving excess anger storage in your body from previous traumas.

2. Chop firewood and direct your anger into your arms as you chop wood.

Make sure you connect with the anger in your body as you do so.

It won’t work if you just go through the motions without connecting to your anger.

3. Hit a pillow or punching bag as you connect or activate your angry feelings and allow your body to release it into the punching bag.

This is very therapeutic.

4. Write a handwritten letter venting your spleen.

Keep writing till all your anger is gone, and then burn the letter.

5. Bring up your anger and start rubbing your temples with your fingers.

Make clock wise circles and then anticlockwise circles while you feel into your anger.

You will be surprised how quickly your body releases it.

6. Purge your energy field.

Sometimes, you have so much negativity built up in your system that you need to purify your energy.

You might be full of entities that you have picked up from people at work, or from places that are energetically contaminated.

If this is the case you might even get nightmares or behave in ways that are not you and that means the energetic parasites are in the drivers seat.

Book in for a healing session with Pete or me to do a complete energy cleanse.

You will feel surprisingly light in no time.

7. Let go of the past.

Many people carry guilt and regret from events of the past.

If you are having recurring headaches, the universe is letting you know you need to forgive yourself and move on.

Forgiving only happens when you make sense of things, so if you are confused or need more clarity, introspective journaling is a great way to move forward.

Always have a notebook handy.

Let your note book be your second brain, and as you pour thoughts and ideas onto the pages and do a brain dump, your brain becomes lighter and emptier.

Take the lessons from ‘mistakes’ you’ve made to create the best future possible for yourself.

There is no such thing as mistakes, only feedback!

8. Self-forgetting

You do not make time for yourself, as there is always something more important happening.

The headache would force you to slow down.

It begs the question: “why do I need to always be busy?” what would happen if you took a break?

9. Someone is lying to you.

Think of a headache as your intuition.

It’s a nudge from the spirits watching over you to let you know that someone could be pulling the wool over your eyes.

If you find that you are being deceived, confront the truth head-on, and walk away from that situation.

Don’t cheapen yourself or continue to sell yourself out.

10. You’re not living up to your values.

Any time you go against what you truly believe, you are out of alignment.

A headache can warn that you are going down a path you and your soul don’t agree with.

Your life is guided by your values.

They tell you what direction to go in and how to avoid things that are harmful to you.

A headache is a clear sign that you need to reassess the choices you are making.

Don’t waste your pain!

Make sure to make your pain and suffering count by looking for the message that the universe is trying to send to you, so you can uplevel yourself, enjoy greater freedom, abundance, love and connection.

I am here to help you!

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Much love,

Grada Robertson

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